Britain’s Got Talent: Over the Edge make David Walliams want to skate with Simon Cowell….but he’s not having it!

Poor old David Walliams. He comes up with all the good ideas and Simon Cowell just shoots them down!

On tonight’s episode of the ITV show, the pair are seen watching and enjoying a performance by two male performer, who are dance skating for them as their audition piece.

It’s a bit like Dancing On Ice….without the ice and after the complicated routine, which involves one of the boys lifting the other, David jokes with the music mogul, saying:

‘I could see you and me doing a very similar act.’

Cowell laughed but insisted:

‘I am not going to lift you.’

A dejected looking David retorted:

‘You’re such a spoilsport!’

Simon continued with his critique of the skaters, admitting:

‘I have never seen anything like that in my life.’

Tune into the ITV show tonight, 8pm to see if the skaters have done enough to win themselves a place in the next round. Also, to see if David somehow manages to persuade the straight laced TV boss to join him on stage!

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