Britain’s Got Talent: Hope Murphy said weight doesn’t matter – but is now on a diet

Hope Murphy recently said that she shrugged off criticism from Pete Waterman over her weight and was determined to follow in Adele’s footsteps and make a career based on her voice and not on her looks, but it seems she has succumbed to the pressures of celebrity.

The 16 year old singer wowed the judges at her recent Britain’s Got Talent audition and was featured on Saturday’s show, making Simon Cowell’s jaw drop with her powerful and moving rendition of ‘This Woman’s Work.’

In an interview this weekend, she admitted that she came close to making a career in the music industry before, when former Pop Idol judge Pete Waterman discovered her Youtube videos and invited her to take part in some studio sessions.

However, in the end they went nowhere as the music mogul felt Hope was too heavy to make it.

Despite previously saying his comments didn’t bother her, Murphy has now confessed that she is on a diet and trying to shed some extra pounds, in the hope that she’ll be more svelte if she makes the live ITV shows.

She told The Daily Star:

“I admit I am dieting and I do think it would make me more ­confident as a performer.

“But I’m not worried about it. I love singing and will do that no matter what my weight is.”

The Upminster born performer also admitted that she has found great solace in her music, as she was often bullied and picked on because of her weight at school.

She said:

“It was mainly name-calling but being bullied has made me stronger. I know there are going to be knock-backs whether it is to do with weight or voice.”

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