Britain’s Got Talent News: Ronan Parke struts his stuff at T4 In The Park! (VIDEO)

It’s a big gig for a twelve year old but Ronan Parke showed exactly why Simon Cowell has offered him a record deal, when he performed at T4 In The Park last weekend.

The handsome young Britain’s Got Talent star wowed the crowd with a pitch perfect rendition of Cee Lo Green’s ‘Forget You’ at the event and was introduced by an overly enthusiastic David Hasselhoff, who of course admitted that he was furious when Jai McDowall beat Ronan to the winners spot in the recent series of the ITV talent show.

Parke looked quite funky at the concert, sporting a tie-dyed red and black t shirt with some black skinny jeans. He was joined on the stage by some rather older backing dancers but he looked unaffected by the production or the crowd and delivered a confident performance.

It was recently reported that Simon Cowell had signed Ronan to his SYCO record label, but had yet to make an offer to Britain’s Got Talent winner Jai McDowall.

Have a watch of the video below and tell us, do you think he made the right decision?

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7 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent News: Ronan Parke struts his stuff at T4 In The Park! (VIDEO)”

  1. Brittany says:

    I love him. So handsome and nice! Love ya Ronan

  2. beth hc says:

    I LOVE RONAN SO MUCH, if only he knew :( i tweet him all the time, he was AMAZING at t4, i met him there:) best day of my life:)xxxx

  3. LolziiQueen says:

    i love him; <3 but thats so mean that jai didnt get a record deal until 2-3 months after; he should have gotten it before ronan' but i luv ronan he deserved it!

  4. Hannah Praide says:

    Hey Ronan, I know you probably get this alot but I really mean It, anyway I will get to the point, otherwise you will stop reading it, cos I know I do on Facebook and that lot when someone writes a really long boring message ( like I’m doing now lol). What I was gonna say is that I saw you at T4 On The Beach and really enjoyed your performance. Hope to see you again some time cos u where absolutely awsum. Don’t worry about what other people say about you cos I can guarantee that they are just jealous, eather that or they just fancie you so they want you to be gay, which your not because I know someday you will meet the girl of your dreams and that was why I was saying I hope to see you again some time…:-) xxx

  5. Felix says:

    Ronan is growing into a terrific performer and is obviously in his element at T4, and his growing confidence and the ease with which he handled the song was a joy to watch. He’s not just a good singer, he’s a powerful performer, which is at least as if not more important. I think “Forget You” showed Ronan off at his best, with a cheeky side we had not seen up until now. To the sweetness and vulnerability he projected on BGT were added a new dimension of streetwise attitude, independence, and a knowing sensuality uncommon and almost startling in one so young. Watching his confidence and stage presence grow is marvelous. Ronan is invites you to celebrate life and the joy he has in performance with him, and he possesses a quality of intimacy with an audience,: when he has fun with the material, as he did at T4, the joy he takes in performing can be felt almost viscerally.

    So yes, I think he deserves a contract. Are you kidding?

  6. Babzie says:

    I heartedly endorse everything Felix has just written. RONAN RULES!