Britain’s Got Talent: OFCOM receive complaints over Simon Cowell’s treatment of Jonathan Antoine

A number of Britain’s Got Talent viewers have reportedly lodged a complaint with OFCOM, over Simon Cowell’s treatment of Jonathan Antoine on Saturday night’s show.

When the 17 year old tried out for the ITV series in London earlier this year, Cowell wasn’t too hopeful about his act and before he even sang, turned to his fellow panelist Carmen Electra and whispered:

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse!”

However, he changed his opinion quickly, as soon as Jonathan and his friend Charlotte Jaconelli began to sing.

The Daily Star reports that almost 50 people have lodged a complaint with TV regulatory body OFCOM, calling the TV boss cruel and disrespectful.

However, no action will be taken against ITV, as no actual guidelines were breached by the put down.

In the end the last laugh was on Simon, as he was blown away by Antoine’s talent, if not by that of his singing partner. He has since admitted that he would like to sign the singer to his record label and believes he can be as big as Susan Boyle or Paul Potts in time.

Meanwhile, Jonathan has insisted that he won’t be losing lots of weight and undergoing a makeover, if he does make the live shows.

The talented teenager revealed that he has battled with weight issues his entire life and while he would like to become slightly slimmer for health reasons, he doesn’t think his size holds him back when it comes to his career.

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2 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent: OFCOM receive complaints over Simon Cowell’s treatment of Jonathan Antoine”

  1. Ann-Marie says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I assumed that the whole audition was manufactured from start to finish. Presumably Simon had a tip-off that this Jonathan chap could sing, Jonathan was persuaded to wear baggy trousers, Simon deliberately scorned him when he came on, and then made a point of saying that Jonathan wasn’t saying much and was shy. Wasn’t Scowl trying to recreate that whole Subo effect right from the start? Or am I being cynical?

  2. Heidi says:

    I agree about a tip-off, Ann Marie! There were You Tube videos of Jonathan freely available to be seen before the show aired. And it seems obvious Simon downplayed what he knew would be a smashing performance by Jonathan and Charlotte. He feigned great surprise, but seriously I think he was just so pleased to “present” Jonathan’s talent to the world at last. He will set him up for life now, and guide his career.