Britain’s Got Talent: Sam & Vicky Lane (Vizage) Told To Give Up The Singing!

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In Britain’s Got Talent tonight, husband and wife act Sam and Vicky Lane (34 & 30), otherwise known as Vizage hope they can brighten the Judges day.

For years they have been doing their quick change act in the pubs and clubs around Blackpool but it’s not left them much time for family life, “doing the variety circuit is very hard work, we have always wanted to start a family but we always seem to be putting it off because of work. If we were to win this we could at last think about starting a family of our own”, explains Sam and Vicky. With the three Judges in foul moods it’s a big challenge for Vizage who take their places for the performance of their lives.

Their quick change act is obviously a hit with the crowd and even Simon looks impressed, that is until Vicky starts to sing Madonna’s classic Material Girl. With an impressive seven changes of outfit from Vicky the audience is cheering them along, but Simon, never slow on bursting someone’s bubble points out that “if you had come out her and just sang that song you would have lasted five seconds, you are not a very good singer”. Sam and Vicky look dejected and the Judges won’t let the point go. So they are given an option, “if you promise not to sing again we will put you through”, but Vicky and Sam are determined to stand by their act, “we have been doing our vocal illusion act for six years and your are the first people that have ever said that”. Will Sam and Vicky agree to ditch the singing element of their act to make it through to the next round or will they stand by what they believe is a good act?

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