Britain’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell rejects Ryan O’Shaughnessy because of his contract with The Voice Of Ireland!

On tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent show, the judges are seen deliberating over the future of all the remaining acts and choosing which ones they want to take forward to the live shows.

However, the fate of one singer proves more difficult to decide than most, because 19 year old singer Ryan O’Shaughnessy is signed to The Voice Of Ireland and so can’t compete on BGT until he frees himself from that contract.

The Irish singer wowed the judges and the audience alike with his self penned ‘No Name’ song at his recent audition but on tonight’s show, Cowell tells the teenage hopeful that he needs to sort out his commitments, before he can hope to succeed on a future series of the ITV show.

The music mogul explained:

“We have a bit of a problem, and I think you know what that problem is don’t you? You’re on another show which you’re signed up to. You signed a contract with another company so why did you come and audition for this show?”

Ryan replied:

“Song writing is my thing and I wasn’t allowed to express my own music on the other show, but I was on this show, it was a better opportunity for me”

Simon continued:

“All you’re doing is taking the place of somebody else, who isn’t in your position on two shows. I’ll be absolutely blunt with you, we were going to give you a yes, but I can’t. You understand that?”

O’Shaughnessy left the room and declared that he would sort out the situation with RTE asap. He said:

“Right now I know exactly what I want to do, I need to get home, get that organised so I can get out of that show and come back over here and do BGT because that’s what I want to do”

So we can presumably expect to see Ryan back next year then.

Do you think Simon should have let him through? Leave your comments below….

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7 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell rejects Ryan O’Shaughnessy because of his contract with The Voice Of Ireland!”

  1. elsa says:

    I think he should be let through, its seems unfair he is cornered…we can have two jobs at once????

  2. sue says:

    Should be allowed to go through. 100% YEs!

  3. Rachael says:

    I think Simon did the right thing. Did Ryan think no one was going to find out. That was silly, he is a really good singer but I really 100% agree on Simons decision.

  4. Jean Williams says:

    Simon was right to say no. If someone is under contract for the Voice (Ireland)presume it will state he can only make public apearances for them. Unwittingly BGT has already broken that law by showing the audition. Simon Cowell won’t want a messy breach of contract law suit no matter how good the lad is!!

  5. Jack says:

    He is through now anyway-he declined the contract with the voice (ireland)

  6. megmeg says:

    I agree with Simon. Its completely unfair for other people. He is 19, he could easily (at least) wait for the next year show. lOL

    This kind of behavior ,represent someone that desperately follows fame… no matter what! Maybe he is not, but that what his actions show!

  7. Erin says:

    I don’t think it’s fair cause we’re allowed 2 jobs at once, why isn’t he??????

    He’s really sweet, I loved his song and we finally know the name of the girl. It was a shame to see him go!!!