Britain’s Got Talent: Spellbound’s Alex Uttley paralysed by illness

Alex Uttley made his reality TV debut on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent, when his gymnastic group ‘Spellbound‘ wowed the crowd with their adventurous routine.

Amanda Holden described the group’s performance as “faultless”, while Piers Morgan talked about “this thrilling conclusion that had this whole theatre going crazy” but the champion world and European medalist told The Daily Star that he just felt lucky to have made it back into the world of gymnastics, after he was paralyzed by a rare infection five years ago.

Now 24, at the age of 19 Alex was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome after getting an ear infection.

He told the newspaper:

“It started off as an ear infection and then all of a sudden I couldn’t walk or lift my arms.

“Half my face was paralysed too. I could move a little but I couldn’t walk.

“I had to be pushed around in a wheelchair. I was so scared.

“I went from gymnastic training five days a week to not been able to feed myself. Doctors put me on a drip and I just had to hope for the best.”

Alex added: “The worst thing was, I didn’t know how long it was going to last.

“It could have been two weeks or two years. In the end I was in hospital for two weeks and after that I had to have physio.

“Luckily I was strong because of all the gymnastics and recovered quickly but it was eight months before I recovered fully.

“I did shed some tears but I am a very optimistic person and never believed it would beat me.”

Alex also admitted that he and the rest of the gymnastic troupe, want to act as role models for other British young people. Read more here.

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