Britain’s Got Talent: The Jive Aces put Simon Cowell in a ‘good mood’

The Jive Aces are set to shine on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent show.

The popular swing band are so entertaining that they even manage to impress the eternally grumpy Simon Cowell, who tells them that listening to their playing put him in a ‘good mood.’

The musicians have previously performed with stars such as John Travolta, Status Quo, Isaac Hayes, Van Morrison, Count Basie Orchestra, Keely Smith, Priscilla Presley, Buddy Greco, Kirstie Allie, Kenny Ball, Chuck Berry, Tony Christie and Lee Evans, so they have plenty of experience behind them.

On tonight’s episode of the ITV show, after listening to Ian Clarkson, Ken Smith, Vince Hurley, Peter Howell, John Fordham and Alex Douglas play, Cowell raves:

“I thought that was absolutely brilliant. That has really put me in a good mood.”

Watch The Jive Aces perform below and tune in to see their full audition on BGT at 8.30 tonight!

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15 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent: The Jive Aces put Simon Cowell in a ‘good mood’”

  1. Mariangela says:

    The Jive Aces are such a fun band live. I’ve seen them a few times in England, New York, Boston and Beverly Hills and each time they lift the spirits and put on a great show with their talent.

  2. marie-jose vos says:

    I LOVE the Jive Aces already since YEARS !!!!

    they are absolutely flabberghasting and whenever they come to Holland I make sure to go and see them and

    DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on their music !!

    They are the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. frank duke says:

    good luck jive aces we see you every time you do a show in the north east this will be the first time we have watched bgt wishing you the best of luck,thank you all for the great shows you put on.

  4. Mike Ricketts says:

    The Jive Aces are a brilliant hard-working band who bring a smile to any one they perform to. You cannot help but tap your feet to them.Enjoy their performance on Britain’s got Talent

  5. Julia tiplady says:

    Good luck guys your the best, fabulous entertainers you even cured my elbow. It is always a pleasure to see you perform whenever we can. Not often enough for my liking.

  6. Jane Moore says:

    Fantastically talented and upbeat band! How great to see them on something like this and just goes to show Simon’s got good taste :)

  7. k vanhaeften says:

    saw you at the smallholders club in gillingham you were fantastic you will have my vote good luck for tonight

  8. Amanda Browne says:

    They performed brilliantly foc at a ‘do’ for a dear friend who passed away. I have nothing but admiration for this outstanding group of musicians who bought fun, colour and immense talent to what could have been a sombre occasion. They deserve to go far in this competition. Good luck guys!

  9. Wigan George says:

    Excellent stuff, and an amazingly done video for “Bring Me Sunshine” too! I love this tune and enjoy listening to it when I’m driving in the rain, because it certainly brightens my day.

    Hope all goes well for the Jive Aces! :)

  10. Erwin Vos says:

    Haha, Marie-Jose, I don’t know you, we are not relatives, but we have the same taste of music :-)
    Since we cannot receive ITV here, I’m curious where/ when this can be seen on internet!

  11. Tatjana Ruslevich says:

    Good luck guys! Bring the sunshine all over the planet!

  12. Rudi Marashlian says:

    What a cheerful track made me smile throughout !

  13. Janette Rutter says:

    I really enjoyed watching this. LOVE The Jives Aces

    • frank duke says:

      brilliant as you would expect from these 6 fantastic artist’s looking forward to seeing the jive ace’s again on B G T good look.

  14. Ольга says:

    Классные ребята!