Britain’s Got Talent: Zipparah Tafari ‘Mr Zip’ going to No 1 with ‘Where’s me keys, where’s me phone!’ ? (VIDEO)

When Zipparah Tafari first showed up on Britain’s Got Talent tonight, we were sure he was going to be one of those awful acts who ended up being laughed off the stage.

The 48 year old rapper told Ant and Dec beforehand:

“My profession is plastering but my passion is music itself. The reason I am here is because it’s a big audience and the world has got to hear about Mr Zip. You can’t keep Mr Zip in the house and you can’t keep Mr Zip in his own neighbourhood. Mr Zip is global.”

He admitted that he would be auditioning with a self penned tune and continued:

“You know this song I’ve just written, it’s going to be massive.

I’ve got a talent that needs to be shared!”

However, then he told the judges what his song was about and we admit, once again we were sure he was going to be another looney tunes act.

Zip explained:

‘It’s a rap song about losing your keys and your phone. A lot of people have lost their keys and phone…this song will affect everyone…even Prince Charles.

The other day he phoned me and said “where’s my bloody keys?”‘

The song may not have been the most imaginative, or of the highest musical quality, but it certainly was catchy and by the end, even Ant and Dec had gotten the hang of the dance routine and Alesha Dixon was singing along in the chorus.


ALESHA DIXON : I loved it! Oh that was genius. You have been the highlight of my day so far.

AMANDA HOLDEN: It’s really easy to remember. I loved it, even you were doing jiggy jiggy to it!

SIMON COWELL: Zippy….Zippy works better it does. When you started I thought you were annoying, then you got more annoying and then I liked you. I don’t know where this is going to go, but I can’t get the song out of my head.

Four yeses later and Zipparah was on his way to the next round, while his song was on it’s way to the top of the charts!

Did you enjoy Zippy’s act tonight? Can you imagine what he will end up performing if he makes the live shows? We can’t wait!

Leave your comments below.

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28 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent: Zipparah Tafari ‘Mr Zip’ going to No 1 with ‘Where’s me keys, where’s me phone!’ ? (VIDEO)”

  1. lisa wilson says:

    fab amazing love it would buy it has to make the charts

  2. Mrs commons says:

    How can I get this song now!!

  3. Jess says:

    I want this song!!!!!

  4. Jenny says:

    I want this as my ringtone!! Absolutely love it!!

  5. gemma says:

    Need this as my ring tone! Man a legend! Loved him……….where’s me keys? Where’s me phone? Class

  6. Gary murphy says:

    Hi i am one of the owners of mi -zone

    I would love to talk with you

    I’m delighted with your performance

    Please contact me

  7. Sue says:

    Brilliant idea.Even my mum will be singing that and she’s 80 !

  8. Lou says:

    Love it so much, first thing on b g t iv actually looked up online as soon as watching, I want this song! Love it brings cheer to this recession world!

  9. hj2342 says:

    why is everyone loving this?, in my opinion it’s just plain stupid!, Britains Got Talent is so shit this year and after seeing this i decided i’d seen enough!, i’m not watching anymore, theres just no talent!!!

  10. josh says:

    so your a cynical nob then? Jeez man its just a laugh and its catchy leave it out.

  11. Levi Webb says:

    Tune, this so has to go to number one this summer, too catchy.

  12. me watching you says:

    lets make this put the spanner in the works of Mr cowell.

  13. Christine connor says:

    Absolutley FAB wana meet zippy that tune is wicked want it 2 b summer no.1 an i agree with others would b gr8 as a ringtone even my 1 n half yr old is doin jiggy jiggy 2 this lol go zippy!! x

  14. lol look at this says:

  15. Rich says:

    It doesn’t happen very often but this really mad catchy rap is going to go global.

  16. Harry says:

    annoying twat

  17. b132431 says:

    is this supposed to be funny?
    this show is called Britains Got Talent
    what is that shit?

  18. phil says:

    for gods sake some of you!!
    get a life this was a bit of fun!!! and its great to hear it, life’s so bloody dull most of the time! we need just 2 mins of fun don’t we ???????
    cum on mr zip go for it!!

  19. Harry says:

    Mr Zip needs to f**k off, anyone can make a stupid little song like that up, a 5 year old for example
    the lack of talent this year is terrible

    • b132431 says:

      i agree, i want to see some talent, not some idiot prancing around the stage singing a stupid song

  20. sima says:

    That was brilliant!!It is going to be global as he himself predicted.
    @Harry ;yes you are right but he thought of making that little song and that makes him different from anyone else.

  21. Emma says:

    I need this tune on my phone
    this is hittin number 1

  22. teale says:

    I want his jumper.

  23. Jane says:

    Does anyone know where the ringtone can be downloaded from? It’s brill