Britain’s Got Talent’s David Walliams to star in ‘Dahl in Perspective’ this Sunday

Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams will be entertaining the nation via their TV screens on both evenings of this weekend, it has been reported.

The comedian and writer will return on BGT on Saturday night, for another of the hilarious audition shows and the following evening, he will be featured in ITV1’s Dahl in Perspective, reading excerpts of Roald Dahl’s much loved children’s books.

The Little Britain star will pay homage to the acclaimed author, while dressed in striped pyjamas and lying in bed, and will read from various Dahl favourites.

Speaking on the show, David explains that he has been a lifetime fan of the late writer and had been devouring his books, since his own childhood.

He said:

“When I was a child I devoured every book I could get my hands on. I loved losing myself in colourful and dramatic stories – and my absolute favourite was Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Everything about it electrified me, and when I re-read Roald Dahl’s books as an adult it surprised me. There’s nothing prescriptive or predictable about them, with little sense of narrative rules. And they are nearly all perfect.

“Children’s books are often seen as the poor relation of literature. But children are just as demanding as adult readers, if not more so. I should know. I’m a children’s writer myself. Yet I will never be as good as Dahl. In this film I want to try to understand where Dahl’s magic touch came from. I feel sad that I will never meet Dahl, who died in 1990. People think writing a children’s book is something you could do in an afternoon but it’s actually really hard.”

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