Britain’s Got Talent’s Jonathan and Charlotte: ‘We don’t regret telling Simon Cowell he was wrong, our lives have completely changed!’


Britain’s Got Talent runners-up Jonathan and Charlotte don’t regret rejecting Simon Cowell’s advice to go their separate ways in last year’s show admitting their lives wouldn’t have changed for the better without each other.

The pair, who blend pop music with opera through their singing, defied Simon’s wishes during the contest and decided to stick together as an act rather than Charlotte leave Jonathan to continue on his own.

When asked if they have any regrets, Charlotte told STV: “No way. We wouldn’t have done everything we’ve done this year if we weren’t a duo. Going against Simon’s suggestion is what powered us through the show. We believed in what we came in with and we were right in the end.

“It has made our friendship stronger because we didn’t just go chasing fame and forget about each other.”

Jonathan added: “Sticking with Charlotte was a great decision. We had sung a bit together before but now we sing all the time and it’s so much fun.”


And the pair’s life completely changed just days after they first appeared on Britain’s Got Talent – they are now stopped in the street when they are recognised and have had numerous offers of lucrative work since.

Charlotte said: “OMG the moment we left the stage everything flipped on its head. When we walked out of the studio loads of people wanted our autographs and I was thinking, we’re just the same people we were last week.

“The next day we were in a meeting, then we were talking about an album and we were in the studio. Now we have a gold album which is so weird. Britain’s Got Talent was the best experience of my life and I would do it all over again.”

Jonathan Antoine Charlotte

Jonathan concluded: “It’s more like how has it not changed! Everything is different. I now have a job doing what I love. For me, going on the show was the perfect thing to do.”

Jonathan and Charlotte will soon be rehearsing for their tour which begins in June this year.

Are you a fan of Britain’s Got Talent? What would you like to see Jonathan and Charlotte do next? Leave your comments below…

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30 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent’s Jonathan and Charlotte: ‘We don’t regret telling Simon Cowell he was wrong, our lives have completely changed!’”

  1. Sky Song says:

    Simon himself admitted that he was wrong when they did their second song, where the blending of their voices was so extraordinary.

    It’s very innovative, really, the idea of a soloist having a duetist who is a complement to his voice, rather than having both voices be solo voices. Often two solo voices don’t really sound good together at all. They don’t blend, while Charlotte blends wonderfully with Jonathan.

    Also, Charlotte is very pretty. It’s nice to see her up there with those beautiful dresses.

    Plus, solo artists often complain of loneliness, which isn’t a problem here.

  2. Ivy Yeo says:

    This young couple are the most talented youngsters I’ve heard in ages. They compliment each other, and are very good friends. I love their Album, and would like to see them make another one, when they’re ready of course. I would love to hear Jonathan singing more solo songs, and maybe Charlotte too, I hope they will stay together for a long while yet, if not forever, as singing partners. They are still very young, and have a long successful journey ahead of them, and I for one, will enjoy following their journey, I listen to their Music, at every given opportunity, and am going to their Concert in June. I am Definitely their No. 1 Welsh Fan.

  3. Sally Belding says:

    I would like to see them tour in North America, I know we don’t want to burn them out so we need to build their careers slowly….But I would love to see them doing guest appearances on American television…and some North American tour dates with some in Canada..I’d love to be able to see them perform live….Please..?

  4. Bea Gee says:

    Given that their album is still in the US Amazon Opera & Vocal best sellers – No4 tonight. Think they should do some show on American & Canadian TV stations. They gave a fan base but this would certainly widen their fan base.

  5. Jane Hyatt says:

    I would like Jonathan and Charlotte to be awarded a world tour. America deserve to see them. But they cant keep them they are OURS. I would love to see more of them here too. They are the most wonderful teenagers I have met in years. I wish them all the luck in the World

  6. Lin Gee says:

    Jonathan & Charlotte have a very special talent, they have voices like Angels,
    They are both Beautiful inside & out, there Album ( Together ) is Amazing, I just can not choose my favourite as every single song is just as wonderful.
    These young people will go very far in life, I am looking forward to seeing them on there tour in June.
    I wish them every bit of luck in the world. This world deserve to hear there voices.
    Bless sweet Jonathan & Charlotte <3

  7. Peggy Bachor says:

    I have been enchanted by Jonathan and Charlotte since the day I first found their audition video on my Facebook page. I don’t recall who sent it to me but I will be forever greatful. Jonathan’s and Charlotte’s amazing voices and characters are truly a gift of healing in my life. I as many others would love to see them perform live in Canada and I know that they have many other fans (millions) 33 million views on their audition video alone should be proof that they are adored worldwide.

  8. Debra Laurent says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Jonathan and Charlotte making guest appearances, being interviewed and performing on American and Canadian television? Their UK tour in 2013 will present a natural opportunity to widen their audience, which has been growing internationally through YouTube viewings of BGT. Their fan base is unusually loyal and interactive through the social medium of Facebook. “Together” going gold is just the beginning for this unique classical duo, we expect great things ahead in coming years.

  9. Linda Langdon Collins says:

    I am so incredibly grateful to Charlotte Jaconelli for not only having the courage to fill out the audition form for BGT but for also being generous enough to include Jonathan Antoine because what resulted has been nothing short of magic. They are not only talented and and gifted singers, they are genuinely loveable themselves. The world is their stage and they will undoubtedly make it to the top. I would personally love to have them come to the US for a tour because the have a huge fan base here. We are all just waiting for dates to be announced. Soon, please. Love them both dearly.

  10. Debby Beale Lote says:

    I am so grateful that Charlotte filled in those forms and believed in Jonathan enough to get him there. Their true friendship has given them the strength to overcome fears and insecurities. The album Together is simply beautiful and shows how well their voices blend together. I also love the solo Work their both doing. I hope they have a while to go as a duo and even if they do go onto to do solo projects, that they will still get together from time to time so we can see them perform together for many years to come. The world tours will come when they are ready to take them on, they are still both so young. The main thing I have found with these two apart from there incredible voices and ability to brings sings to life. They are wonderful people who truly care for the fans… I’m looking forward to seeing them perform on the Azura cruise in a few weeks time and I will be at several venues to cheer them on in June.. They are truly two wonderful young people who send out a positive role model to others.. I adore them both…

  11. Sally Anne Adams says:

    I just love these two talented,caring young people.Charlotte got Jonathan to BGT and Jonathan wouldnt go it alone like Simon wanted, true friendship.I have seen them live a couple of times,simply amazing,well worth the journey and the money nobody would be disappointed listening to them singing live. I would love to see another CD and a Christmas CD,also for all the loyal fans who are coming from around the world to see them in June i think a few tv chat shows and concerts in afew different countries would be fantastic.the more publicity the better but they are young still so not to much all at once.We need to care for these young people who i know will be around for many many years to come and sing so beautifully, both are very special

  12. Jim Kirk says:

    I’ve never followed celebrities before, but Jonathan and Charlotte’s talent, at such a young age astonishes me. Their voices are unbelievable and I have listened to most or all of their album everyday since last September. Their audition on BGT was earlier last year, but I just happened to catch the video of their BGT’s audition on You Tube in September and was just blown away. I have been a follower ever since and I will continue buying their albums forever. I am hoping to see and meet them someday, maybe when they tour the USA.

  13. Jennifer LM says:

    First, I hope management and whomever is involved setting things up for Jonathan and Charlotte know how important these two beautiful people are. It’s nice to see others expressing that while they would love to see them tour all over live, to acknowledge that too much at their young ages no matter how mature they are is never a good thing. You do not only have amazing talent with Jonathan and Charlotte, you have the best role models in them and a chance to really make a difference because they are so special.
    I would love to see another CD in the works after their UK tour and a holiday CD as well. It would be really nice for them to do a few more concerts and appearances to even become more well-known without compromising their developing voices.
    I hope management really nurtures these two and does not only look at fast money. As Simon said, they aren’t a novelty act, real talent prevails.

  14. Betty Copping says:

    Definitely would love to see this beautiful pair of young people get an opportunity to cone to Canada and the rest of North America. Like another person who replied here I have been totally fascinated with them since a friend posted a link to theiraudition on Facebook and I went and heard them sing. Both have amazing voices and I cannot get enough of their songs. Would love to be able to see them in person.

  15. Dale Musser says:

    I’d like to see a focused effort to made to really introduce them to the American public. While they do have a following here in the states, the bulk of Americans have never heard of them. However when they do get to see and hear YOUTUBE videos or their CD they are every bit as wowed as the UK audiences. I want to see them on tour here, and I won’t mind shelling out whatever it takes me to get where they are performing the hear them.

  16. Tannis Prouten says:

    I have never been a follower/fan of any artists up until I heard Jonathan and Charlotte. These two are beyond amazing not only for their incredible talent but as people..they are so loving and kind. They just enhance each other as performers. There seems to be a natural, intuitive, bond between them. There are fans flying in from all over the world to attend their June tour performances! That is how much they are loved! It would be wonderful to have another cd with each having a few solos as well as singing songs together. They are constantly requested to perform in the USA, Canada and other countries.

  17. Gynna Emeis says:

    The both have ” conquered us in the storm” !
    Great voices and wonderful people! By the direct contact,on Facebook,we can probably judge that.
    The combination of the different voices is perfect.
    We are fans in the whole world and we want to see both in the whole world.

  18. Lori K. Kemp says:

    From the moment I saw these two beautiful angels on youtube I was a fan!! Charlotte and her wonderful friendship to include Jonathan on the application, and Jonathan having the courage to along with Charlotte and wow the world! Now they have a CD “Together” and we fans around the world can listen to the angels sing as much as we like. I’m patiently waiting for a Tour of the U.S. and would love it if their U.K. tour was filmed and DVD’s were made available for purchase. Looking forward to many more CD’s in the future!! :) xxx

  19. josie dale says:

    These two young people have an amazing talent and all credit to Charlotte for entering them in BGT – sign of true friend. Clearly this experience has made all the difference to Jonathan and I’m sure both he and Charlotte have a great future whether “Together” as now or individually if their careers take different paths in the future. I am eagerly awaiting their tour (Symphony Hall Birmingham my nearest venue – tickets purchased!) and another CD in the very near future. All the luck in the world to them both.

  20. Lynette Smith says:

    I’ve never been such a strong and confirmed fan of anyone before Jonathan & Charlotte came along into my life. I’d like them to be world famous,and being interviewed in one hour specials On Ellen and Oprah,so that the USA can hear them too.Eventually touring the USA,Canada,Australia and Europe. They are SO talented,and I actually cant listen to to other Tenors now,like Andrea Bocelli,as he sounds so feeble in comparison to Jonathan,Charlottes beautiful voice so compliments his and his hers.They are amazing!!!!I am travelling from Australia to hear them perform in London In June.

  21. Kevin Collins says:

    Just can’t believe how much things have Changed in the past year for these two outstanding young people who in many ways changed our lives as much as they have changed theirs! I have said since hearing the BGT competition that they have the best voices of today I truly believe this!! There are many here that have posted that I know also, and that their lives have been touched not just by Jonathan and Charlotte’s singing abilities but also by their kind and loyal hearts. Like many here also My Wife and I are loyal and committed fans and hopefully friends of this wonderful pair and their families!! My wife and I hopefully will see them in the states but until that time will always be supporters of them and their loyal fans!!!

  22. Laurie Brunson Altieri says:

    We are waiting for these two to cross the pond and do an extensive, cross-country tour of the US!!! :)

  23. Doreen Courts says:

    They are both very talented singers and deserve a great future, there are many fans around the world following them,if this years tour is a success WHICH IT WILL BE !! then they should go world wide, they will give joy to all with their beautiful singing..

  24. R A Reinke says:

    I would love to see them continue where they left off with another new cd /album, & perhaps include some live performances footage of the summer tour as in a special edition DVD with a vocal disc of new material & a video included as a set, Step 2 is to get them to the US and tour of select cities which I believe can only open up their talent to the fullest extent of recognition worldwide.

  25. Gerald Mears says:

    These 2 young people our Jonathan @ Charlotte are 2 of the nicest youngsters i know and yet i have never met them. I have followed them and supported them since the first time they appeared on BGT. The Album ‘TOGETHER’ was waited for with great anticipation and did not disapoint any of us. They sing so wonderfully together but more than that the friendship that they have is so wonderful and they proved that when Jonathan said “we came hear as a duo and we will stay as a due”. Simon did admit he was wrong and look what has happened since. I can not wait to see them in concert at Birmingham in June. God bless them both.

  26. Crissie Scarlett says:

    I want to see US dates and maybe a DVD! These two talented young adults have completely changed how I listen to music. Because of them, I have met friends that will last a lifetime. They need more promotion, though, none here in the US but word of mouth! Still, #3 on the Amazon best sellers for classical so there is a market! Get on it Cowell and Company!

  27. Morag Grant says:

    I have followed Jonathan and Charlotte since seeing their first audition on the Britain’s got Talent show. I love their story and the friendship between them. I love their voices and the connection they have when they sing, the little looks and smiles Jonathan gives Charlotte and vice versa. I was delighted when I saw they included a date in Glasgow on their tour then was devastated when Glasgow date was cancelled. However I am paying a 4 figure sum to go on the 4 day Cruise from Southampton on the Azura where Jonathan and Charlotte are the celebrity guest entertainers!! I can’t wait for 18th April to arrive!
    Keep well J & C look after those vocal chords in this cold weather. Glad you have the company of each other as you tour around to different venues. I watch all interviews on You Tube and love the Documentary Story.

  28. Morag Grant says:

    Just to add to the above …. the 4 day cruise does not cost a 4 figure sum ….. it is just that I have to fly from Glasgow to Southampton as this is where the Azura is sailing from. Also I am paying to take my brother with me … how keen am I to hear Jonathan and Charlotte live and hopefully lucky enough to be able to mingle with them on the ship … though the ship looks so big I might never come across them except in the Theatre!!

  29. Amelia says:

    I really needed to hear such a Beautifully Singing Couple, it lifted up my Spirit and I needed that. I wish them the Best Of Luck in the Whole Wide World. I do hope they stay togeother forever. And I will certainly buy their CD. Keep it up from California