Bruce Forsyth wants to manage Steve Hewlett – Britain’s Got Talent judges argue but pick ‘surprising’ wildcard!

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The Britain’s Got Talent judges apparently got into a bit of a heated argument on Saturday night, when they settled down to choose this year’s wildcard act.

After the ten finalists were chosen for this week’s grand finale, the judges got to pick one previously eliminated act to make a return on Saturday’s live show and insiders say they butted heads as they championed their favourites.

A source told The Daily Star that in the end the panel whittled it down to ventriloquist Steve Hewlett and dancer Joseph Hall and decided on one of those two men to go forward and compete for the £250,000 prize money and spot on the Royal Variety Show.

The source said: “The judges agreed they didn’t want any more singers or kids.

“They think a ventriloquist or a dancer fits the ‘variety’ tag but it’s just agreeing on who gets through.”

steve hewlett simon cowell

However, David Walliams claimed that Simon Cowell wanted a singer to go through, despite the fact that six out of ten acts in the final will already be singing on Saturday.

Walliams tweeted:

“It’s tough arguing with @SimonCowell over who should be the #BGT wildcard. He loves musical acts, but I want to see more VARIETY!”

David also raised our hopes last night when he said he’d be revealing the act today. He tweeted:

bgt judges 2013

“I’m calling the #BGT act who is receiving the wildcard tomorrow at 11am to let them know. Hopefully I can tell you all who it is soon after.”

However, just minutes ago he revealed:

“Now I have been told the wildcard act will be revealed on Saturday’s #BGT final. Sorry.”

He does think we’ll be surprised by their choice though and added:

“it is all top secret for now, sorry. I think you’ll be surprised.”

joseph hall bgt 1

Meanwhile, Steve and his puppet Arthur Lager have won themselves a brand new celebrity fan – none other than Strictly Come Dancing host Sir Bruce Forsyth, 85.

He has seen Steve’s act and told him: “I wish I was your agent.”

Who would you like to see as the wildcard? Leave your comments below…

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39 Responses to “Bruce Forsyth wants to manage Steve Hewlett – Britain’s Got Talent judges argue but pick ‘surprising’ wildcard!”

  1. marilyn says:

    i think steve hewlett should be given the chance to go forward he has so much talent and variety shows need someone like this instead of boring singers, after all its not x factor !!!

  2. Kathy steadman says:

    Steve Hewlett is fantastic i have seen him several times and his act is really funny i have never laughed so much and surely thats what we all need at the moment

  3. tina ashworth says:

    steve hewlett

  4. tina ashworth says:

    we need more varity acts had enough of singers and dancing

  5. Ann Seddon says:

    It has to be Steve Hewlett. He is the epitome of “variety”. His act is very funny and family orientated. Steve shouldn’t have to rely on a wild card to get a place in the final as he should have gone through on merit alone.
    My two favourite acts are Steve and Attraction. Either act would be a worthy winner. Good luck Steve.

  6. Peter Harding says:

    got to be Steve Hewlett for the wildcard, after all it’s all about variety Steve is the whole package, parents and children is his audience so why not royalty, he would go down a storm, please do the right thing nd give u wildcard place to Steve

  7. Julie says:

    Steve Hewlett should go through 100%

  8. Michael jordan says:

    It should be Steve Hewlett! A real talent!!!

  9. Csaba Bozso says:

    Steve for Wildcard!He really deserve it!
    He is a great artist with very nice personality(I use to work with him in Cromer so I know what I’m saying,even John Major came to see our show twice because of Steve)! Singers and dancers has X-factor and other shows.Most of the people watch BGT because it contains variety acts too which makes it more colorful show!
    So Go Steve Go give him a Wildcard!

  10. jan says:

    steve to win he is soooooo funny and what variety should be all about.

  11. karen Gregory says:

    Steve Hewlett should get the wild card. He is so talented.

  12. Rose says:

    Steve Hewlet for Wildcard!! Too many singers and dance acts already. We want variety and entertainment which is what steve gives.

  13. Alan Prudhoe says:

    Steve Howlett – He was the best act on the series and epitomises British Variety.

  14. Laura west says:

    Steve Hewlett for wild card. A true variety performer, very humble guy and very genuine.

  15. Gerry says:

    Steve Hewlett all the way!!!!

  16. shelley harding says:

    Wild card to steve. He has so much more to give. He is one of the funniest genuin people I have had the pleasher to meet. Steve and his family deserve this dream. Go steve xx

  17. Andrea says:

    Steve Hewlett will b the wild card he’s absolutely brilliant perhaps someone could tell Simon that its called Britains got Talent not the X factor ….

  18. Maggie says:

    Gotta be Steve. Saw him years ago At Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park.

  19. Sue oukara says:

    Steve hewlett is talented, funny, has new ideas. Is very current. He makes the whole family lsugh. Thats what we need. Not some boring singet or another dance act!
    He, s also my cousins son! Xxx

  20. David forster says:

    It’s got to be Steve. Then hopefully he can go on to win it.

  21. Keely says:

    Gotta be Steve Hewlett! His ventriloquist act puts the ‘V’ in Variety!

  22. Rachel says:

    Steve Hewlett!!

  23. Angie says:

    Steve Hewlett. Come on judges!!!! Her Majesty would love him & Arthur Lager :) it’s a variety act after all …..

  24. Gina says:

    Steve Hewlett deserves to be the wild card, always innovative, hard working,genuinely funny and an all round nice guy. Go Steve!

  25. Charlie says:

    Steve’s dream is perform on The Royal Variety Show… years of practise & gigging, doing what he loves best…making people laugh & smile! The man has pure talent & will go on to win the show #STEVE4WILDCARD

  26. Jo says:

    I thought he was brilliant on Sat and should hv gone through! First class act! We love to see what he wd do next!! Steve for the wild card!! :)

  27. Fran Light says:

    Steve Hewlett without a doubt – the Royal Variety Show is all about showcasing clever, comic, genius acts like his – I wholeheartedly believe he should be given a chance in the final.

  28. brian garbutt says:

    it has to be arron crow the suspense he will create on the final night will be priceless as simon cowell said he might do something even more scary than before it has to be him.

  29. Rose dalton says:

    Steve Hewlett!! Neither Steve or Joseph should have to rely on a wildcard they should both have been put through by judges when in the top 3 but instead Cowell chooses cute kids. The final is full of singers a s dancers it needs to be a variety act and Steve is a fantastic, talented guy
    who has earned his place!

  30. Frank and Diane says:

    can’t see why there is any doubt a variety show needs variety and if Steve doesn’t fit the bill what are they looking for,so go on Steve knock ‘em for six, break a leg. and have a great night x

  31. JULIE F says:

    Steve must go through he is so down to earth and talented and humble . He has talent and that is whats in the title of the show. This is not a singing conpetition it is talent competion and that means a variety of talent . Simon got it wrong

  32. melissa says:

    mentalst AAron Crow
    or the Magician

  33. colin says:

    I have seen Steve many times and we had at my daughters wedding he is a class act and no matter how many times you see him he always makes you laugh he is true variety and deserves the wild card and go all the way and win bgt

  34. christy says:


  35. Tricia Wood says:

    Got to be Steve. Seem him many times and he just gets better and better.

  36. Xcode says:

    Even though they said it was between Steve hewlett and Joseph hall, there are still people wanting it to be Aaron crow….

  37. Lee says:

    Gotta be Steve Hewlett, funny man

  38. Rebecca Nicholls says:

    All these comments for STEVE he would be so Greatful :) he is brilliant and Deffo deserves a break Steve for wild card! Oh and also he’s my dads cousin :)

  39. gemma says:

    I think its a no brainer STEVE all the way. There is enough dancers and singers… I want to be entertained and laugh which STEVE manages effortlessly. I think he is great i never liked ventriloquists before but he has changed my mind…. STEVE STEVE STEVE.