Graham Blackledge asked his fans to boo him to prepare for Britain’s Got Talent!

Graham Blackledge has admitted that he went all out in his preparation for his Britain’s Got Talent audition earlier this year.

The organ player wowed the audience and the judges – except Simon Cowell – with his musical skills, his rendition of La Bamba and his comedic banter beforehand.

His tryout was so well received that David Walliams and Alesha Dixon gave him a standing ovation, as did most of the crowd, however Graham had not expected such positivity.

Speaking on This Morning the quirky hopeful admitted that before he performed on the ITV show, he asked the audience at one of his small hometown gigs to boo and heckle him, so he would be prepared for a bad reaction on the big stage.

He told Phillip Schofield:

I have never done anything like that before.

The last thing I wanted was to get booed, no one wants to get booed do they, so I thought I’ll practice in the club in case it happens, so I’m prepared for it.

I asked the crowd to boo at me, then I asked them to give me some abuse, so they were shouting ‘sing one we know.’ They got a bit too into it though.

Britain’s Got Talent moves into it’s love stages on Sunday night and on Saturday it will be revealed which acts have made it into the live semi finals.

Watch the video and tell us, do you think Graham deserves a place? Leave your comments below…

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