Susan Boyle teams with Lance Bass, Wynonna Judd & Village People team up for salad cream ad! (VIDEO)

susan boyle

This is a weird piece of news for all you Britain’s Got Talent fans…enjoy!

We have just got wind of the fact that former contestant and worldwide superstar Susan Boyle has signed a new advertising deal and it’s a strange one. She won’t be the face of a cosmetic company, promoting anti wrinkle or hair removal products, no the ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ star will instead be promoting a brand of salad cream.

The Scottish star has joined forces with camp band The Village People and will appear in an ad campaign for Miracle Whip salad cream.

Kraft Foods is trying to change perceptions of their product, which was first introduced in the United Kingdom in the 1920s, as a result of rationing.

Subo is reaching out to a new generation who may have never tasted the product, along with co-stars The Village People, Lance Bass from ‘N Sync and country singer Wynonna Judd.

Lines from the song include: “In this world there’s lots of turkey/ but also a lot of fear/ people making up their minds/ before the facts are clear.

village people

“And when it’s time to make a sandwich/ ugly judgement rears its head.”

Susan’s lines include:

“Open your mind/ open your mouth/ the world can be a sweeter place/ that’s what it’s all about.”

A message on the company’s youtube channel states:

“A lot of people say they hate us without ever trying us. And that’s wrong, like saying two plus two is 17B.

It’s why we want you, and everyone, to keep an open mouth.

With your help, and those you tell, we can end this prejudice. There’s strength in numbers, ask any historian.

Let’s rock this joint.”

The Village People urged their online fans to support the campaign and shared a link to the video on Twitter, adding:

“Here it is! NEW Miracle Whip “Open Mouth Anthem” featuring yours truly!”

Judd added:

“So what do you all think of my new @MiracleWhip commercial? I’m reading all of your comments about the video.”

Watch the video and leave your comments below….

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5 Responses to “Susan Boyle teams with Lance Bass, Wynonna Judd & Village People team up for salad cream ad! (VIDEO)”

  1. Don says:

    I love this ad, SuBo rocks!!!!!!!!

  2. gerry whitson says:

    Hilarious video. A send up of the oh-so-earnest We Are The World vid of years ago. Loved the spoof of another movie cliche. The slow pan up from Susan Boyle’s shoes to her surprisingly young and girlish looking face. Plus the tear rolling down Lance Bass’ cheek. Very clever. They sang good, too.

  3. SuBo Fan says:

    This is very clever. Everyone is funny, but the best is the slow reveal of Susan Boyle, then her singing with Lance Bass.

    Sounding and looking good, Subo!

    Hope we get to see more of Subo on tv.

  4. electricgal says:

    I love that Susan Boyle was asked to be part of this. She has a great sense of humor not to mention that great voice! Very marketable.

  5. Retired In Kalifornia says:

    Two years ago, February 2011 to be exact, Sapporo Brewery Japan released an ad for their Yebisu beer brand featuring Susan Boyle singing the title – or rather the tune – of the 1949 film noir spy thriller “The Third Man” marking her first commercial ad music recording. No doubt Susan will be featured in future commercial ads; maybe her and Adele will duet a commercial promoting a U.K. vacation spot!