Susan Boyle’s fans furious over cancelled appearance in I Dreamed a Dream

Fans of BGT sensation Susan Boyle were disappointed when she failed to appear to sing the closing number at the musical about her remarkable life story, I Dreamed a Dream.

However, they were furious when, having claimed Susan was too ill to take to the stage, it was revealed that she was spotted eating in a restaurant with friends just hours earlier.

Susan was spotted by fans at an Italian restaurant, which just five minutes away from His Majesty’s Theatre where the musical – which stars Elaine C Smith – played.

Of Susan’s no show at the musical, fan Karen Orchard told the Scottish Sun, “The audience was very angry.

“There was no announcement, no signs or anything…

“People had spent a lot of money and some were thinking about asking for refunds.

“I had bought tickets for my mum as a Christmas gift and I only bought them because we thought she was going to perform at the end.”

However, a friend of Susan’s claimed that she was forced to pull out of the performance after suffering “projectile vomiting” in her dressing room.

The source said, “We’re talking projectile vomiting. It was dreadful.

“She had no choice but to head back to her hotel. She couldn’t have gone on stage.”

The manager of the restaurant, Michael Wyatt, said, “There was absolutely nothing wrong with her.

“She was in good spirits and she posed for a photo with me and gave me a £10 tip. She was very nice.

“She told me she was about to go and sing. She was excited about it. I was genuinely surprised when I heard she’d not gone on.”

Susan’s spokeswoman last night confirmed that the singer was hit by a “health issue” on Thursday.

She said, “It happened just before the second half. There was no time to make an announcement. She’s feeling much better now.”
And a spokeswoman for His Majesty’s Theatre said, “Susan did perform at the matinee, but not the evening one.”

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6 Responses to “Susan Boyle’s fans furious over cancelled appearance in I Dreamed a Dream”

  1. sam worden says:

    Yes, Subo ate dinner at the Italian restaurant between singing at the matinee and the evening show. Obviously, something was wrong with the ristto she had, because shortly before she was to go on in the evening, she began vomiting. It’s hard to sing when you’re throwing up. The fault was the theater’s in not making an announcement. Happily she recovered quickly and gave a great performance the next day.

  2. Lipton's Tea says:

    Well, when you get food poisoning there’s not a whole lot you can do about it.

    Hence, why NO ONE’s appearance at the play is guaranteed.

  3. Starkitten says:

    Uh… I believe it was told upfront that no particular member of the cast is guaranteed to appear? Plus, what can you do if you get food poisoning and throw up? If you ask me, I can’t imagine being able to sing after vomiting. What choices did she have other than to go ahead and perform and have ppl complain about her doing a less than stellar performance all over the internet or cancel? Grow up and realize that stars are only human just like the rest of us, that’s life and shit happens.

  4. Kathy says:

    So far they’ve done 18 performances and from all accounts Susan Boyle did a stellar job, she’s enjoying herself and very happy with the wonderful reviews of the show.
    She was there intending to perform, but illness is something that none of us have any control over.
    Food poisoning! Been there, done that. I’m just very grateful that it wasn’t something more serious, she was well the next day and was able to perform the next 2 shows.

  5. Jane says:

    Getting sick is bad enough, but when it causes you to miss a performance and then you take a beating for it is really a shame.

  6. Colin Adams says:

    Susan Boyle also failed to appear at the cliffs pavilion saturday 19th May. She failed to appear (not from unforseen circumstances ) but because she had taken up an offer to appear on the BGT final. Considering that people had spent good money for for expensive tickets (If it had just been a normaly musical to cost would have been a lot lower – the price was bumped up because everybody understood that Susan Boyle would appear. It was comkon knowledge the previous week end that Simon Cowell had stateed that they were tryng to get to appear on BGT. Not only did she disappoint many fans – it also had an effect on the whole show because it fell falt at the end. It also suffered a technical hitch after the interval and everybody was not aware that she would not appear.
    Notices were place very late around the theatre – most people had already gone to their seats.
    We were told no refunds will be given.