X Factor’s Simon Cowell chats up Celebrity Big Brother star Georgia Salpa!

We don’t know how we didn’t see it before, but Georgia Salpa is right up Simon Cowell’s street, so it’s no surprise that he’s apparently been chatting her up of late.

The X Factor boss definitely seems to go for tall, slim, busty brunettes and when he met the Irish model recently, he reportedly couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Now magazine reports that the music mogul met the former Celebrity Big Brother star at a recent showbiz event and made a beeline to speak to her, after spotting her from across the room.

Insiders say he was sitting with ex-girlfriend Sinitta at the Health Lottery luncheon, when he left his old flame alone, in order to converse with Georgia.

He knew she seemed familiar and asked:

“Who do people say you look like?”

She told him that people often compare her to US reality TV star Kim Kardashian, sister of his X Factor USA host Khloe. Cowell apparently replied:

“Kim Kardashian? You look even better.”

simon cowell 2

Salpa shouldn’t expect too much from the TV boss though, as he has left a string of broken hearts behind him and in a recent interview with The Radio Times he confessed that he’s very good at breaking up with women.

He said:

“I’m happy single … I tend to be in a relationship more than being single. Terri (Seymour) lasted six years, Mezhgan (Hussainy) lasted two years, and that was in a nine-year block, so I was only single for about a year out of those nine years.

“But I’m very good on my own, a) because I never get bored and b) because there is always something I need to catch up on. I break up very well. I am a good breaker-upper.”

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