Cage fighter Tom “Kong” Watson calls Alex Reid ‘a clown’

Cage fighting champion Tom “Kong” Watson has branded Alex Reid ‘a clown’ and warned him that he has made a mistake in arranging to fight him.

In the past Watson has knocked an opponent out in less than two minutes and is due to face Alex in the cage this May. Alex has been busy with his TV work in recent months as he spent a month in the Celebrity Big Brother house and then flew straight to LA to get married and film for Katie Price’s ITV2 show. Watson believes that Alex’s lack of training will make him an easy target during their fight.

Watson told The Daily Star “He’s a clown to be honest. I’m an athlete, I train all the time. I’m not out partying and when I am it’s controlled.

“I’m in a different league. Alex has made a big mistake fighting me.

“I’ve worked hard and I never slack off. I’m the king of the castle and he’s the dirty little rascal.

“It’s jealousy really – he’s jealous of my skills.

“Alex hasn’t fought MMA for three years now and all of a sudden his name is in the paper and he thinks he’s a big MMA fighter.”

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