Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Denise Welch flashes her boobs again! (PICTURES)

Densie Welch just can’t keep her puppies hidden!

The Celebrity Big brother star caused controversy last week, when she stripped off and climbed into the hot tub with young Frankie Cocozza, wearing just her knickers. The 53 year old star seemed unperturbed that she was topless and being touched up by an 18 year old boy.

Not learning her lesson, yesterday the actress decided to give her breasts an airing once more, though thankfully this time she kept her bra on.

As part of a new Big Brother task, in which some of the housemates were convinced that they were appearing on a Japanese chat show, Denise was asked why she always gets her ‘boobies’ out. In response she lifted up her jumper and laughed.

The host asked of she might be the ‘loosest woman in Britain’ and Welch conceded that she ‘might be’ and explained that when the urge comes over her, she just can’t help flashing her bits in public.

However her exhibitionism caused a problem in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night, when not content with showing off her own assets, the star tried to persuade Playboy model Karissa Shannon to take her top off and then pulled her trousers down over her bum.

To say the blonde beauty was not pleased, may be quite a large understatement.

Do you think Denise needs to grow up, or is she just having a bit of fun? Leave your comments below….

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