Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Fans agree Julian Clary is FABULOUS!!

This post was written by guest blogger and reality TV showbiz observer Daniel Cohen. Catch up with him on Twitter here!

It looks like the first series of try outs have gone wonderfully well for Julian Clary, with audiences all saying “wonderful” and fabulous – Julian is clearly enjoying being back on stage after his stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

He is not dwelling on the experience too long, besides the odd reference to Prince Lorenzo, Martin Kemp and obviously Julie Goodyear, he mainly focuses on his quest: to find a suitable husband before the evening is over.

Possible husbands are not hard to find with the front row brimming with lovely gay men (and the occasional straight one.) Julian should consider a TV version of the “quiz” part of the show. Maybe finding husbands for other gay men? There is something in this…

During his first night in Brighton, Julian was naturally nervous, fluffing one or two lines. But being so quick witted, he quickly regained himself.

Why people go the a comedian’s show to heckle him I’ll never know, but there were several in the audience, angering his fans. Julian was thrown for a bit, but then swiftly got his own back.

Surprises came thick and fast, including something to do with Justin Bieber and a brave moving ending, including a song that everyone should see -it is different from anything Julian has ever done. All in all as most of the audience said: a FABULOUS experience!!

Enjoy some pictures made by satisfied punters to get a taste of the show. To get tickets visit http://julianclary.co.uk/

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