Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Julian Clary receives homophobic abuse and threats on Twitter

Julian Clary is having a hard time in the Celebrity Big Brother house but thankfully he isn’t aware of the nasty homophobic comments that have been made in the last few days, after he has been opening up about his personal life on the outside.

The most spiteful remarks were aimed at his camp personality and his penchant for wearing make up, with people claiming that they are repulsed by him wearing make up, and don’t understand “what he is”. Words like “freak”, “faggot”, “arse bandit” and the nickname “Julian Scary” and “fairy Clary” are being used and for some strange reason even girls claim on Twitter that they are scared of the poor man because he is gay and call him a “creep” and “weirdo”.

Some young viewers have been joking about their parents hating Julian and the “funny” homophobic remarks they make. It is shocking to see that people have still such a hatred for someone just because they are gay. People keep saying that homophobia isn’t as bad as it used to be, think again.

What is the most worrying that some of the comments are actual death threads with people calling out on Twitter for the camp comic to be shot. Why? Because he is “too gay”.

Others say that despite him being on BB he’ll never have his own show again as he is “too gay” for this day and age. That there is no way anyone would ever touched him (paraphrasing from very offensive statements).

It seems that just because he is openly out nothing is off limits, with extremely homophobic remarks filtering through his time line more and more. Even Big Brother themselves are guilty of it by making jokes of Julian and his “dog’s backsides” during yesterdays pub quiz. Julian looked understandably shocked.

Perhaps other camp stars such as Alan Carr and David Walliams should join forces to stand up for their comic brother? Because this is just too horrible.

This post was written by guest blogger and reality TV showbiz observer Daniel Cohen. Catch up with him on Twitter here!

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5 Responses to “Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Julian Clary receives homophobic abuse and threats on Twitter”

  1. sezithowitis says:

    Perhaps Julian’s unpopular because he’s so friendly with Julie. He doesn’t seem to accept how two faced she’s been.

  2. Granny Di says:

    The people who make these sort of remarks are not worth bothering about. It’s time the law was changed regarding Twtter and other similar sites. People who make obcene comments about anyone should not be allowed on these sites and be prosecuted. It’s just not on that these small minded morons should get away with it.

  3. jjohnf says:

    homophobia racism and hatred towards the disabled are all out there we must be vigilant i do think julian must be aware of how vile julie is i cannot bear all that chewing it makes her look very ugly

  4. Nicola hunt says:

    I cannot believe that we are still so backward in our thinking and dare to make vile and abusive comments because someone dares to be what some people class as “different” Julien Clary iis a well educated, handsome and articulate person with a dry sarcastic humour that I doubt any of the morons making theses uneducated comments on his twitter will even understand! I hope that Julien is not affected by what these people are saying, I would love him to have his own show again and I really hope he does well in Big Brother.
    Twitter have a lot to answer for and Big Brother should know better than to make derogatory comments in that manner regarding the contestants on their show

  5. Nicola hunt says:

    Now I look uneducated with my spelling mistakes! Apologies for the extra I in is and the extra s in these