Celebrity Big Brother 2013: After Gillian Taylforth’s eviction, things get emotional during Question Time task! (VIDEO)

tricia penrose

As fans of Celebrity Big Brother will know, Gillian Taylforth was evicted from the house last night, much to the shock of her housemates, all of whom seemed to think Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were sure to be offski…

However, Big Brother didn’t give them much time to dwell on the former EastEnders star’s departure as he set them a mini-task in order to win some booze.

Entitled Question Time, the celebs had to answer questions on various topics, such as religion and the sticky wicket of whether fame and money can bring happiness…

And judging by the sobbing that ensued, I think the answer to that is, ‘No’.

However, the questions were taken very seriously, and Rylan was especially vocal on how taxing fame can be, and what an emotional toll it can take.

Heidi agreed that being famous isn’t always good news, saying, “Sometimes I just want to go to a movie with my husband without body guards.

“Sometimes I would trade all the money I have not to be famous.”

spencer pratt, heidi montag

Yeah, of course you would…

Anywho, Big Brother was sufficiently impressed with the housemates’ efforts and therefore, booze arrived and some music was played into the house to lift the mmod.

And even Heidi got into the spirit of the thing, reportedly “grinding” against Big Vendor while Razor did the “lawnmower” – no idea what that is – and Frankie got his groove on too.

Here’s a clip…

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