Celebrity Big Brother 2013: As Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag prove they really are wa****s, are they hoping sex romps will win the show for them?

spencer pratt, heidi montag 2

During last night’s Celebrity Big Brother highlights show, we saw American couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt once again indulging in a spot of bedtime nookie…

There was of course a fair amount of outrage last week after we saw Heidi propositioning Spencer with the line, “Do you want me to roll onto you?”

And indeed, what man – or woman – could resist such a line…

However, last night, Heidi was spotted apparently giving Spencer some relief from his frustrations using her hand, about which the ever direct Rylan Clark said, “She’s tossing him off now” to a highly amused Claire ‘From Steps’ Richards.

As we saw Spencer and Heidi’s duvet giving away the activity occurring beneath it, Rylan and Claire were in stitches as he added, “Oh my god. She’s giving him a hand-job.

“She wouldn’t even kiss him in the house the other week and yet she is doing that!”

spencer pratt, heidi montag

And he is of course quite right. When they first went into the house, Spencer and Heidi showed not one atom of affection towards each other, however, since that was noted and pointed out to them by some of the housemates, they’ve gone in completely the opposite direction and now seemingly can’t stop being “affectionate.”

But is it a ploy to win the show? Do they think that sex sells and in this instance, the grim spectacle of their nocturnal fumblings will land them a victory?

Personally, I’d have to say no, it won’t, but the general level of drama they’ve created may do!

And as we reported earlier, the latest round of Let’s Make Some Enemies resulted in all of their fellow housemates turning on them last night.

Here’s a look at the furore…

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