Celebrity Big Brother 2013 eviction: Paula Hamilton’s out and she’s not happy – more on Heidi & Spencer’s secret task!

Paula Hamilton Celebrity Big Brother

Written by Ryan Ashmore @Razamataz144

In tonight’s first live eviction of Celebrity Big Brother 2013, we saw Paula Hamilton become the first housemate to be voted out of the Big Brother House!

The eviction crowd as always showed their opinion by chanting ”Get Paula out” and it was clearly heard throughout the house. Heidi and Spencer look genuinely shocked by what they heard as they awaited the results.

When Paula heard she was the first out she was quickly up off her seat and seemed determined to get out as soon as possible.

During her outgoing interview the former model answered many of the questions with very short answers. To be honest it seemed very much like she couldn’t be bothered and just wanted to get out of the area immediately, but who wouldn’t do the same if they heard the crowd shout ”off off off” or ”who are ya”!

spencer pratt, heidi montag

After the interview Brian Dowling then revealed that Heidi and Spencer were in the diary room for tonight’s twist! The reality stars had been told that they have to convince their other housemates that they are leaving the house because everyone nominated them for eviction this week and they have had enough of the experience. Little do the housemates know that when Speidi ”leave” they are actually going to a luxury and pimped up basement to watch their housemates for 24 hours and cause havoc in the house!!!

speidi heidi montag, spencer pratt

They will be able to watch the cringe worthy face to face nominations as well, so this also means that Heidi and Spencer are immune from the Fridays eviction! We can’t wait for the next few days guys!

Did you think Paula should have gone? Is this a good twist? Who would you nominate for eviction? Comment below.

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