Celebrity Big Brother 2013 final: Charlotte Crosby will have “a poo lasagne” with Mitchell Jenkins

charlotte crosby

Charlotte Crosby cannot wait to finish on Celebrity Big Brother tonight, but what she wants to get up to on the outside is a little strange.

The Geordie Shore star is dating Mitchell Jenkins and after the CBB final this evening she not only wants to do the dirty with the hunk, but she revealed that they also have their own little rituals which she’s looking forward to getting back to.

Charlotte, 23, told The Daily Star that she and Mitch, 24, who also stars in the MTV reality show, have their own ways of bonding and she revealed that their big reunion tonight will be marked by making what she brands a “a poo lasagne”.

She said: “We do it to show our true love for each other.”

We don’t want to get into the graphics of it all, but basically the couple make their own version of the pasta dish in the toilet with one another. Puke!


Charlotte said: “Then you flush it and it’s all over and done with.”

However they will also have a bit of a fumble and a romp too, in the more traditional sense, and Crosby is looking forward to putting her three weeks of celibacy behind her.

She said: “I like having sex with him because I love him.”

This summer’s Celebrity Big Brother final takes place tonight on Channel 5 but bookies are so far predicting that Abz and not Charlotte will take the crown.

Whether she wins or not, Mitch can’t wait to see his woman and tweeted:

“Buzzing to see Charlotte on Friday xxx.”


Bookies William Hill have reported a surge of support for Abz to win Celebrity big brother and he is the new 11/8 favourite cut from 3/1. Lauren is the 9/4 second favourite with Charlotte still a danger at 3/1.

“There was a serious rush to back Abz and we took thousands of bets. Abz is now a five figure loser and we need to get him beaten,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

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  1. FrankBiz says:

    Mitch isn’t on Geordie Shore…