Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt will return to the house today – will the fur fly?

heidi montag, spencer pratt

As fans of Celebrity Big Brother will know, The Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been in the basement since Wednesday night, spying on what the other housemates – who of course believe that Speidi have walked – have been saying and doing…

However, they will return to the main house after tonight’s eviction, which will see either Sam Robertson or Ryan Moloney becoming the second celeb to leave the house in this series, and as Spencer has branded the housemates “narcissistic egomaniacs” it’s not unreasonable to expect that the brown stuff is going to hit the fan.

Since Speidi have been in the basement, they’ve heard several of the housemates criticizing them, and even casting doubt on whether they are in fact a real married couple, or are simply living their lives outside of The Hills as though they’re still starring in it. And it hasn’t gone down well.

However, I have to say, I agree with the housemates who’ve remarked upon the lack of familiarly and affection between Spencer and Heidi…

From the get go, I’ve sensed absolutely no chemistry between them whatsoever, and it’s true, there’s been no sign of any affection. The only thing that could intimate that they’re together in any sense is that Heidi always looks to Spencer for how to react to something. She likewise copies anything he does. If he does an air high five, she does one too. If he says “Boo” she says “boo”.

However, putting that aside – though I’d like to know if you too think they’re a fake couple – there’s likely to be some heated debate in the house tonight about things Speidi have overheard during their time in the basement…

Ryan has become their public enemy number one, and they took revenge on him yesterday, while Sam – who’s about the only person who’s had a nice word to say about them – is their hero.

ryan moloney

Tricia has said she’s glad they’ve gone, Claire’s remarked on how lazy they are, and Gillian and Razor have spoken about their inability to give a toss about anyone else.

During their time in the basement, Spencer has remarked, “They’re all egomaniacs. They’re narcissistic. They all hate each other. They’re just here to raise their profile.”

Heidi meanwhile is unimpressed by the lack of personal hygiene that she’s witnessed, and she’s declared, “I’m never using any utensils they touch” and of Razor, she added, “He’s a health hazard.”

O man I cannot wait for them to go back into the house!

For now, here’s a look at what they all got up to last night as Speidi watched…

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4 Responses to “Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt will return to the house today – will the fur fly?”

  1. Granny Di says:

    I so hope they get nominated and voted out. They’re so self centred and up their own a***’s. They have lived their lives for so long on reality tv that they have no idea how to live a normal life or how to behave with ordinary people. They may be married but it seems to be part of the act. There’s no real feelings as far as I can see. Normal young married couples just don’t behave like them. Very strange.

  2. william hankin says:

    heidi and spencer were expected to wind up the housemates as per the headline the fur will fly. with their comments while in the basement about all the housemates would wind up all of them, they said they were outnumbered and did not like there chances but spencer was going over the top with someone smaller till razor stepped in and cried like a little boy I WANT TO SPEEK TO MY SOLICITOR the sooner they are out the better

  3. mark says:

    Heidi and spencer were bang on,they listened to the usual back stabbing about them and then let the others know what they thought of them and SURPRISE,the others didn’t like it,Chicken shit toadie started to have a go at them again and when they argued back Razor intimidated them into backing down.Even after that because he knew he could hide behind Razor,slimy toadie tried to start another argument,but spencer shut him down,nice one!! Heidi and spencer deserve to win,but this is England,so idiots will keep Rylan in.

  4. Robert says:

    Spencer and Heidi are a pair of Americans. I am sure they are hated in the US!
    They are shallow and fake. They say stuff, get scared and go to the bedroom to hide!
    I am sure that in real life they wouldn’t have any confrontations as they would be crucified at the least. Spineless!