Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Housemates can win letters from home, but it’s up to Tricia Penrose who’ll get them and who won’t!

tricia penrose 2

Poor Tricia Penrose is in the unenviable position of being the Celebrity Big Brother housemate who gets to decide which of her fellow celebs will get letters from home, and which of them won’t!

A big parcel containing the letters was delivered to the house this morning, but in order to get their letter – any that aren’t won by the housemates will be destroyed – each housemate will be faced with “a dilemma.”

CBB have released any further details as yet, but here’s what it says on the show’s website…

We won’t ruin the surprise (it’ll be up and available later, after the task’s complete), but these dilemmas are going to test housemates more than you might expect. Let’s see just how homesick a celebrity can be after 18 days stuck within the same four walls. That should be fun, shouldn’t it?

We will of course keep you posted!

tricia penrose

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