Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Lacey Banghard says Sam Robertson is ‘up himself’ as he admits to having sex with groupies!

lacey banghard, sam robertson

Lacey Banghard has insisted that there is no chance of anything ever happening between her and former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Sam Robertson.

The pair had seemed to flirt while they lived together on the reality TV show and after he was evicted last Friday Sam claimed that the page three girl has been more than up for a bit of hanky panky when he shared her bed one night.

He said he was ‘tempted’ but managed to refuse the beauty, however she insists none of his claims are true.

Last night Lacey followed in Sam’s footsteps and was voted off the Channel 5 series and speaking after her exit she said that she was never that taken with the Scottish actor.

Banghard explained:

“When you have to look at him for 24 hours a day, he is not that cute.”

The glamour model added:

“I actually think that he is a bit up himself.”

“I didn’t even know who he was until two days before.

“I don’t think he is my type at all.”

When Sam was evicted he told Brian Dowling that he frequently slept with fans and groupies when he was appearing on ITV’s Coronation Street.

CBB JAN 2013 DAY 7

He wasn’t above making the most of his newfound celebrity status and admitted:

“I’d go to nightclubs and there were always loads of dolly birds hanging around looking for fun – and I had lots of fun.

“But girls still called me Adam half the time. It’s weird when the girl shouts out your character’s name in bed.

“It’s also an easy excuse to kick them out on the street and not have to pay for dinner though!”

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