Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Lacey Banghard tells Sam Robertson that her surname is real, but he doesn’t believe her! (VIDEO)

Celebrity Big Brother Launch - London

As the celebrity contestants mingled in the divided Big Brother garden last night – with one half being used as a smoking area by The Basement dwellers, the other by the main house residents – former Corrie star Sam Robertson got chatting to Page 3 model Lacey Banghard about their ambitions and why they agreed to take part in the show.

Once Lacey revealed what she does for a living, Sam asked her what her surname is.

He said, “What’s your second name?” to which Lacey replied, “Banghard.”

A bemused Sam laughed and said, “Yeah but that’s not your real name?”

Also laughing, Lacey assured him it is in fact her real name, adding, “Everyone always thinks it’s fake, but it’s not I swear.

“I’ve got it on my passport, which I haven’t got in here, but I’ll show you afterwards.”

After more protestations, including swearing on her nephew’s life that her name is indeed Banghard, Sam still refused to believe it and suffered a severe case of foot in mouth disease as he said, “I dunno, it’s too…”

Lacey immediately pounced, saying, “Too what?”

Yeah, get outta that one Samuel my boy! He might have tried, “A baker named Baker” or “A writer named Wordsmith…”

sam robertson

Instead, he stumblingly muttered, “I dunno, you’re a glamour girl called Lacey Banghard…”

She replied, “Yeah I was Banghard before I was a glamour girl.”

Still not convinced, Sam said, “Well I’m sorry if I’m wrong but I’ll believe it when I see your passport.”

Evidently both are unaware that if you change your name by deed poll, you can change it on your passport too.

I can see the headlines now… ‘CBB housemates in lack of intelligence shocker’

Here’s the clip…

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