Celebrity Big Brother 2013: “Race row” erupts after Spencer Pratt yells at Frankie Dettori, “Go back to Italy!”

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In the wake of ‘fight night’ last week, tensions have of course been running high in the house, and The Hills couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have made no secret of the fact that they were furious that Big Brother didn’t allow them to remain in the basement for the duration of their time in the house…

And when they sulkily did go back to the main house to rejoin their fellow celebs, one of the first people they took issue with was Frankie Dettori, who angered Speidi when the best he could say of their coming back to the house was, “I don’t mind…”

And after having taunted Frankie by showing him that they had wine – while the other housemates did not – Spencer told Heidi, “He’s such a d**k…”

She responded, “I hate all of these people.”

However, things took a turn for the worse yesterday when Spencer challenged Frankie over telling BB that the housemates he disliked most were the American couple because they’d “frightened” him with their aggressive behaviour on ‘fight night’…

Frankie made that remark during this week’s shopping task when he thought the other housemates were having a silent disco, but in fact, they were eavesdropping on his conversation with Big Brother.

Spencer kicked off the new row by saying that it had been him and Heidi who’d been scared as Razor Ruddock – who was warned for his conduct – loomed towards them as he defended Ryan Moloney.

spencer pratt, heidi montag

But of Frankie, Spencer said, “It would be one thing if he was British – but he isn’t.”

The Daily Star reports that he added, “He’s so far up Rylan’s bum because he thinks he’s going to win.”

The paper adds, “The American couple turned on the jockey for not being British during a fierce argument.

“And at one point, burly Spencer, 29, his face contorted in rage, screamed at him: ‘Go back to Italy!’”

Spencer apparently also mocked Rylan Clark during the row, branding him “mentally unbalanced.”

During the shopping task, Heidi said of Frankie, “He’s not a dictator. He is a dick-tator.”

heidi montag 2

Last night a spokesman for the British-Italian Society said, “This is discrimination. It’s offensive and rude.”

A Channel 5 spokesman said Speidi had been reprimanded for the racist remark and warned about their future conduct.

Here’s a clip of the pair in the house yesterday…

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5 Responses to “Celebrity Big Brother 2013: “Race row” erupts after Spencer Pratt yells at Frankie Dettori, “Go back to Italy!””

  1. Palomino says:

    Spideys, are such a hateful couple!. If any of the other CBB sopke against them like that, they would be evicted and taken to Court by Spidey. They need to be removed before really bad things happen in the House. What is needed also, is a beautiful girl to be brought in, and also a very handsome well built young man, then Spidey will turn on each other in jealousy!!!, and, leave the nice House mates alone to enjoy the rest of the CBB fun!!.

  2. amc says:

    Am now unable to watch CBB because of Spidey’s nasty and spiteful outbursts. They are so up themselves they really are very annoying to watch and are almost robotic in their manner. Heidi is definitely a “Stepford” wife, agreeing, nodding, repeating everything Spencer says. They give me the creeps! “Get Spidey Out”!!!

  3. XFF says:

    I haven’t actually been watching CBB so accept I might be missing something but, from all I’ve read on here, I can’t understand why Speidi didn’t go Wednesday. They sound absolutely dire.

  4. malachiibroom says:

    If all the Speidi haters cast their mind back, the rest of the house ganged up on them to bad mouth and slag them off when they thought they had left the house….and they have continued ever since, if anything, Speidi are being bullied for actually having the balls to stand up to these z listers…As for Detorri, he’s in there because he’s banned from riding for taking drugs ffs – saying he should go back to Italy is quite mild in comparision to the things they’ve been saying about Speidi….and they’ve kept their cool and dignity, more than can be said for the brit/italian/ozz contingency…

  5. malachiibroom says:

    oh yea and since when have housemates been allowed to up and leave when they feel like it like twatty Rylan??? And he has the nerve to call Speidi fakes!!!