Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Razor Ruddock’s had a secret task! He had to spread gossip among his housemates!

razor ruddock

This morning, Big Brother called celeb housemate Razor Ruddock to the Diary Room, where the former footballer found a newspaper waiting for him on the chair…

However, the paper was a mocked up copy, and carried fake headlines and fake stories, which Razor had to convince his housemates were in fact real newspaper reports.

Giggling and determined to succeed, Razor vowed he’d make everyone believe the stories he was about to impart, and as he later won a copy of the real football scores from the week’s fixtures, it would seem that he did just that!

He told the housemates that one headline read, “Toad is the mole!” referring of course to Ryan Moloney, whose Neighbours character is called Toadie.

Another ‘headline’ claimed that former housemates Lacey Banghard and Sam Robertson are now dating and going on holiday to Dubai together.

The show’s official website adds, “One that might’ve unsettled Rylan a little concerned the line-up for the X Factor tour, with someone called something ‘Maloney’ (not our Ryan) enjoying a better slot in the show.”

ryan moloney, razor ruddock

The task was set by the Bit on the Side team, and you’ll have to tune in to BOTS tonight at 10pm to see the task in full.

For now, here’s a reminder of Razor’s confrontation with Spencer Pratt on ‘fight night’…

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