Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Ryan Moloney & Rylan Clark take part in a bit of sex change role playing!

CBB JAN 2013 DAY 7

Ryan Moloney and Rylan Clark have become quite the bosom buddies on Celebrity Big Brother and last night the pair had a little bit of fun while enjoying an alcoholic tipple or two.

The pair became what we think is quite the comedy duo as they tried their hand at a bit of role playing and donned the characters Sharon and Jarrod.

Jarrod Vincenzo Rebecchi is of course better known as “Toadfish” or “Toadie” and is the fictional character played by Ryan in the Australian soap opera Neighbours. He made his first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on 8 February 1995.

CBB JAN 2013 DAY 7

In the clip below the pair can be seen discussing Sharon’s (played by Rylan) imminent sex change and his/her journey from Simon to Sharon.

It’s actually very funny, especially considering the fact that Clark is not an actor and has made his name so far as a mediocre singer and a hopeful model.

Watch the clip and leave your comments below…

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