Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Security staff on stand-by as Heidi Montag kicked off over Lacey Banghard being naked in front of Spencer Pratt!

American reality TV star Heidi Montag reportedly threatened to attack Lacey Banghard after the Page 3 girl walked around nearly naked in front of Heidi’s husband, Spencer Pratt!

Apparently the show’s security team were put on stand-by when the row between Heidi and Lacey looked like it could turn to hair pulling and extreme bitchiness, and as Heidi once again yapped that it was “super inappropriate” – notice that the inappropriate moved up a notch to ‘super’ – for Lacey to bare all in front of Spencer.

The Daily Star reports that it all began when Heidi and Spencer were in the bedroom and Lacey appeared wearing just a towel having had a shower…

The paper adds, “Lacey, 20, who has made no secret of the fact she loves to show off her killer curves, came in after taking a shower.

“And then she appeared to deliberately drop her towel to get changed, giving Spencer an eyeful.”

Heidi carted Spencer off to the Diary Room with her where she told the show’s producers, “Lacey’s just got naked while we were in there. It gets me mad, that’s for sure.”

She added, “I’m the new Paula. I’ll start swinging water bottles in a second…

heidi montag 2

“I’ll fight her right now, she’s got nothing on me.”

Heidi apparently had to be calmed down by Spencer, who reassured her that she had nothing to worry about.

A show insider said, “It doesn’t take much to rattle Heidi’s cage.

“She’s obviously got a bit of a green-eyed monster where Lacey’s concerned.”

And it’s not the first time that Lacey’s nakedness has offended Ms Montag, because as we reported recently, when Lacey forgot to take a towel into the bathroom with her, she had to walk out of the shower naked, and Heidi was in the bathroom at the time.

Of that, the show source said, “She practically ran out of the bathroom like she had never seen a pair of boobs before.”

The insider added, “Lacey knows what her best assets are and she’s not afraid to use them.”

Here’s a look at what Anderson Cooper had to say about Heidi and Spencer…

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5 Responses to “Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Security staff on stand-by as Heidi Montag kicked off over Lacey Banghard being naked in front of Spencer Pratt!”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Who the hell does this Woman think she is it is not upto her what others do she is not the commander in charge of that House What she is though is a nasty and concieted Brat who wants to keep her thoughts and feelings to herself.

  2. Jane says:

    Think this episode will ensure Lacey’s survival tonight. Possibly she knows that too. However, Lacey was Speidi’s only ally in the house and now they’ve turned on her too. It’s rather sad that we enjoy watching two such despicable human beings.

  3. Palomino says:

    Cannot wait for the Spiders to go, so, awful and full of themselves!!!. Love Rylan, Razor and Ryan!!!.

  4. Sue says:

    Did BB advertise contestants from “Fruitcakes R Us” ??? I only mean Paula (oo can’t even type name without a shiver of distaste) and Spidey. Heidi only needs a crown and sceptre, she thinks they are so superior to everyone else. I cheered when they were booted from the basement. PLEASE get rid of them, the rest are lovely and entertaining. Have a lot more to say but just woke up lol

  5. Wendy says:

    Blimey such a fuss – besides which wasn’t it Heidi that moved Lacey’s towel so that she had to reach for her robe ?