Celebrity Big Brother 2013: The aftermath of Big Blogger-gate rumbles on as Spencer Pratt ignores Tricia and Claire!

claire richards, tricia penrose

As we reported earlier, yet another row ensued between Speidi – Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag – and the rest of the housemates after The Hills couple were duped into revealing exactly what they thinks of their fellow celebs yesterday…

The drama began when Spencer and Heidi, who’ve previously said they’ve never watched Big Brother – were summoned to the task room and told they were to take part in a webchat with viewers.

But of course – as happened with Luke Scrase in the last series of regular Big Brother – it was all a set up and the questions asked of Speidi were in fact being posed by their housemates, who’d been supplied with a laptop just for that purpose…

So after hearing that Speidi once again had nothing but negative things to say about them – we’ll see exactly what they had to say in tonight’s highlights show on Channel 5 – their housemates were unimpressed and a row broke out, which ended when Rylan Clark vowed never to speak to Spencer and Heidi again.

Tricia Penrose told Speidi, “You’re good actors I’ll give you that. I thought you liked us. I thought you were lovely…”

And this morning, Tricia was mulling over the events of last night with Claire and Rylan just as Spencer walked past trailing two suitcases…

Claire said “Good morning” to Spencer, and he point blank ignored her apparently.

tricia penrose

As to the suitcases, I’m wondering if Speidi are yet again threatening to walk, or if they’re only just returning them after Friday’s eviction?

Watch this space for updates on that! For now, here’s a look at the Ooh It’s Awkward moment this morning. As the video below won’t display in some browsers you can click here to view it in another window…


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4 Responses to “Celebrity Big Brother 2013: The aftermath of Big Blogger-gate rumbles on as Spencer Pratt ignores Tricia and Claire!”

  1. G says:

    Tricia said she thought they were lovely, she’s a liar too, she’s slagged them off right light and centre, including last nights highlights which happened before the big blogger task, think what you will of Speidi but some of the others are no angels either

  2. Berni Sharp says:

    I think that spider Do not know how to be real people they have lived in the public eye to long and for got who they are and I DONT HATE PEOPLE FROM THE U.S.A Just them because they put their country to shame and I dont want them to win they are a shit to the human race
    they are attension seeking all the time and its time thay went
    ps sorry about my spelling

  3. Palomino says:

    Hope they walk the walk of shame and LEAVE NOW!!!!. The house will have such a wonderful Spider free Party!!!!!.

  4. Lauren Johnson says:

    Oh dear oh dear – no-one is coming out of all this well – I still root for Speidi because they are so outnumbered – although of course they have each other. It still all feels wrong to set the two nations against each other – how could Speidi not realise the blogger thing was a setup with all their experience. I still maintain though that without Speidi and Rylan the programme would be struggling.