Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Watch the fall out from the Tell It Like It Is task as Tricia Penrose tells Rylan Clark “You never shut up!” (VIDEO)

claire richards

As we reported yesterday, before the drama of last night’s eviction and Speidi’s return to the house from their basement lair, the celebs were set a task entitled, Tell It Like It Is, which was in fact engineered by Heidi and Spencer, who watched with glee as the celebs had to finish a sentence about each other…

Speidi chose Claire Richards, Lacey Banghard, Tricia Penrose, Rylan Clark and Razor Ruddock for the task, and as mentioned, each had to complete a sentence about one of their fellow housemates.

So with Rylan having picked a card bearing Razor’s picture, he had to end the sentence that began “If I could change one thing about your personality it would be…”

Rylan added, “That you wouldn’t be so serious all the time. That you wouldn’t be so quick-witted, as it makes me less quick-witted.”

In the basement, a frustrated Heidi said, “We are trying to get you to be honest, you liars!”

Claire then picked Tricia, and said, “People will boo you when you leave the CBB house because…they saw you put Heidi’s shoes on as soon as she left. You jumped in her grave.”

claire richards, tricia penrose

Then Tricia answered a question on Rylan, saying, “Your worst personality trait is… that you never shut up and no one else can get a bleedin’ word in. There I got you back.”

Lacey said of Claire, “The real reason Claire is taking part in CBB is…she wants to out-do the rest of her S Club 7 group.”

However, though it was all quite civilized, it was evident that a few cages had been rattled! Here’s a clip of the task followed by the fall out…

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