Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Yay! The Zentai suits make a comeback in Shocking Good Fun task! (VIDEO)

ryan moloney, razor ruddock

Channel 5 report that yesterday, the tried and tested Zentai suits – who knew they were called ‘Zentai’ suits? Not me – made a comeback for a task which saw the housemates winning a cocktail party…

Entitled, Shocking Good Fun, the task required all the celebs to squeeze themselves into the spandex suits and pair up with the aim being that one of the pair would press the big red buzzer when they thought a minute had elapsed.

If they weren’t too good at counting, their partner got a shock. Simples…

However, quelle surprise, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt yet again excluded themselves from the task within minutes, saying they’d rather everyone else enjoyed the party and adding that they were quite happy to keep themselves to themselves in the basement. And if this story is to be believed, they certainly did make their own entertainment!

heidi montag

Anywho, here’s how the pairings went…

Claire and Gillian

Frankie and Razor

Gillian and Tricia

Heidi and Spencer

Lacey and Rylan

Razor and Frankie

Ryan and Heidi

Rylan and Lacey

Spencer and Claire

Tricia and Ryan

Rylan and Lacey reckoned the task would be a doddle, however, as it turned out, Claire, Frankie, Tricia, Razor and Gillian were the winners having got the time counting down better than everyone else.

Channel 5’s Big Brother website adds, “The sophisticated five have been treated to a cocktail party, including chocolate, nibbles and loads of phat chunes. They’re currently dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Another delightful sight to behold.”

Here’s a look at the task…

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