Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Luisa Zissman gets to see Dappy’s fabled wedding tackle as he gets naked! (VIDEO)

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Luisa Zissman gets to see Dappy’s fabled wedding tackle as he gets naked! (VIDEO)

dappy luisa

Last night, the allegedly well-hung Celebrity Big Brother housemate Dappy decided it would a lark to streak around the house before jumping into the pool while sporting only a baseball cap to cover his modesty…

And while most of his fellow housemates merely watched while giggling, sex mad former The Apprentice star Luisa Zissman decided to get a tad more hands on.

The japes began when Dappy stripped off under his duvet while telling Luisa, “I want to do something crazy…”

As she somewhat lethargically added, “Yeah, I want to do something crazy too,” Dappy leapt up and – with the aforementioned cap covering the infamous lunchbox – he ran out of the bedroom and into the garden.

Yelling “I’m doing it!” he then jumped into the pool.


Luisa screamed, “He’s doing it! He’s doing it! Dappy’s naked!” as she followed him outside. However, when he returned to the bedroom to dry off, as she handed him a towel, she pleaded, “Just let me look…”

The all of a sudden modest singer wouldn’t let her, saying, “Babe, come on, not now. What’s wrong with you?”

However, it would appear that she did in fact get a look given that she sighed, “Oh it’s so big!”

dappy 2

But before Dappy’s streak, the house was of course rocked by the sudden departure of Blue singer Lee Ryan, who was escorted from the house by Emma Willis.

She went into the house via the grandfather clock that’s been placed in the living area for the For Whom the Bell Tolls task, so of course, nobody got a chance to say goodbye to Lee because if they move or speak, it constitutes a fail.

cbb task for whom the bell tolls

That said, they’ve already incurred what could be up to three fails, given that both Lee and Casey spoke to Jasmine Waltz when she nipped back into the house to cause chaos, and while the drama was going on, Jim moved so that he could hear what was going on.

Here’s a look at what happened after Lee’s shock eviction…

And here’s Dappy’s naked sprint…

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