Dancing On Ice 2013: Gareth Thomas reveals Mickey Rourke will play him in movie biopic!

mickey rourke, gareth thomas

While appearing on ITV breakfast show Daybreak, former Celebrity Big Brother and current Dancing On Ice contestant Gareth Thomas has revealed that Hollywood legend Mickey Rourke is set to play the rugby star in movie biopic about Gareth’s life.

Speaking about plans for the film, Gareth said, “Mickey rang me out of the blue about two years ago – I thought it was one of the rugby boys having a laugh.

“He invited me on The Jonathan Ross Show with him, and we just became really good mates.”

He added, “I didn’t want to just give somebody the rights to my life – I wanted it to be for everything I’ve stood for since I came out…

“I needed Mickey to understand this so I needed to spend a lot of time with him.”

The Express reports that he then addressed the issue of being a gay man in a sport dominated by heterosexual men.

He said, “Perceptions are changing but it is a slow process.

“I wouldn’t want to represent my team every week if I knew that 20,000 people were going to be abusing me.”

“I understand that if you play in a team sport, especially when you play in front of big crowds, it’s not really your teammates that you’re worried about…

Gareth Thomas

“A lot of people in teams may actually know about you but not let it out because you need to be 100 per cent in the moment when you play sport.

“Crowds around you can ruin that and take the focus away so by coming out you risk giving them the opportunity to do that.”

Here’s a reminder of Gareth scaring Frankie Cocozza witless on CBB…

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