Mike Tyson won’t be appearing on Celebrity Big Brother 2011 – or Dancing With The Stars!

Mike Tyson has denied rumours that he would be joining the lineup for this year’s series of Celebrity Big Brother.

The retired boxing champion was reported to be considering entering the famous reality TV household next month, when the show makes it’s debut on it’s new home at Channel 5.

However he has categorically denied the reports taking to his Twitter page to set fans straight earlier today.

Tyson wrote:

“I’m shutting rumours down 2day. I’m not doing any Celebrity Big Brother shows. I deal with enough drama. I’d never agree to it.”

“If there are any other rumours that need to be addressed. Hit me here and I’ll let you know the truth!”

Tyson also took the opportunity to shut down another rumour, adding:

“For the last time, I am not doing Dancing with the Stars. I don’t know where this rumour started but it is not true.”

We’re not sure Tyson would be an interesting enough housemate anyway, after all his last series – Taking On Tyson – was a reality TV show about pigeon racing!


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