Dancing On Ice: David Seaman carried fiancé Frankie Poultney down Mount Kilimanjaro when she nearly died!

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Frankie Poultney has revealed that she wasn’t too nervous about being swung about by her ankles on Dancing On Ice last night, because she totally trusted the man doing the swinging.

The pro skater was paired with hr real life fiancé David Seaman for the all star show this year and as art of last night’s routine the couple choreographed the headbanger in as one of their impressive moves.

The pair pulled the stunt off perfectly and speaking on This Morning Frankie admitted that she trusts David with her safety implicitly.

The pint sized performer revealed that she once almost died during trek up Mount Kilimanjaro and when he realised how ill she was, her man carried her right down the mountain so she could receive medical treatment.

Frankie told Holly Willoughby:

“We had a really bad experience when we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for charity and I nearly died. He carried me down, so when we talk about trust it’s different when you’re in a relationship and you’ve had that kind of experience. It’s a different kind of trust that we have.”

david seaman frankie

How sweet!

David and Frankie were the first pair to be eliminated from the series last night and Seaman knows it may all be because he had a slip at the end of his performance.

He confessed:

“We have skated quite a bit and we love it, that’s why we do it.”

“It’s just annoying that I did that [slipped], I had a total block. I went straight from the mistake into a headbanger, which was scary.”

The footballer thinks Ray Quinn could go on to win the series now and admitted:

“I think Ray has got a good chance.”

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One Response to “Dancing On Ice: David Seaman carried fiancé Frankie Poultney down Mount Kilimanjaro when she nearly died!”

  1. Christina Griffith says:

    I would think, to be honest with you both, that the reason you did not get much votes was not because of your mistake but to do more with the fact you left your wife and two children for Frankie. Remember what happened to Anthea Turner. I personally do not have a problem as there is always two sides to a story, but I suspect leaving your wife and two kids just does not look very good in the public eye. Frankie has always been one of my favourite skaters as I love the energy she gives out and she is fantastic and entertaining to watch. I was shocked by what I saw on Sunday as had no idea you both were an item so I suspect I was not the only one. Good luck to you both and I hope you have a happy and long future together. Sorry but after seeing you both oh Good Morning yesterday and reading articles as to why you felt why you had been eliminated, I felt I had to write what the majority of people think but not brave enough to say. You are both very nice people, but you have to face reality that it will not be received too well by a lot of people. Third time lucky David, I hope this works out for you and Frankie.