Dancing On Ice 2011: Laura Hamilton makes debut with Colin Ratushniak

Laura Hamilton seems to be one of the more promising skaters competing on this year’s Dancing On Ice.

The children’s TV presenter is paired with Canadian professional Colin Ratushni and was seen crazily bombing around the rink in her rehearsal footage. She became more cautious though after an accident resulted in her cutting a chunk out of her leg and needing a visit to hospital to have it stitched.

The pair skated to ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ by Kelly Clarkson this evening and Laura gave by far the fastest routine so far. She was steady during lifts, though she does need to control her bobbing head and she looked like she enjoyed the whole experience. If she is this courageous and confident in week one, we can certainly see Laura making the final.

Judges Comments:

Jason: 4 I think you need to watch your face because you end up looking a bit goofy. I want to see your arms a little bit softer and less rigid. But I can see that we have somebody with great potential here.

Emma: 6 I’m so excited. It was fast, brave, exciting. You do frighten me a little bit, you are losing a bit of the control because you’re so fast.

Robin: 6 It was fantastic to see the energy and the gusto with which you attacked it. It’s great to see the attack and such quality.

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