Dancing On Ice 2012: Jennifer Ellison cuts her head with her ice skate blade but is OK!


Jennifer Ellison gave us quite a scare a few moments ago, when she managed to surreptitiously injure herself, while skating on Dancing On Ice.

The former Brookside actress was performing what was supposed to be a sexy routine, to the song ‘Fever’ with her partner Dan Whiston, however towards the end, she did a scorpion kick and arched so far back, that she managed to kick her own head and slice her scalp.

Tension in the ITV studio was high and head judge Robin Cousins explained how the accident came about, before offering his critique of the routine.

However, after the advertisement break, Christine Bleakley spoke to Dan about his partner and he revealed that she is being ‘ptached up’ and going to be ‘OK.’

He said:

She’s alright, she’s getting patched up and she’s going to be ok.

It was a very scary moment, I had saw some contact and thought it was the leather of her skate, But when we did the spin and I was over the top of her and I looked down, the whole top of her hair was red.

She’s in great hands and she is a trooper. She wanted to finish the routine and I think it was her best skate.

Head coach Karen Barber added:

That moment that emphasizes how dangerous ice skating really is. Those blades are really sharp and the adrenaline tonight went a little bit further and it was an accident.

We hope Jen’s well enough to come back onto the rink for the results show later tonight, however, somehow we don’t think she’ll be in any danger of elimination! Do you? Leave your comments below.

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