Dancing On Ice 2012: Jorgie Porter ‘My biggest fear is injuring Matt Evers’

Jorgie Porter has confessed that as her routines get more difficult each week on Dancing On Ice, she gets more and more worried about injuring her professional partner.

The Hollyoaks actress skates alongside Matt Evers on the ITV series and her lifts often involve her lifting her legs above the hunks exposed head.

However, she constantly worries that she panics about hurting Matt and told Inside Soap:

‘My biggest fear is injuring Matt. My skates are wrapped around his head a lot, and I’m scared I’m going to chop an ear off or something.’

Her concerns aren’t so outrageous, when one considers that Jennifer Ellison sliced her own head open, when performing a scorpion kick on Sunday’s show.

Jorgie is the bookies favourite to win dancing On Ice and even she admitted that she has been doing well in the series so far. However, she is worried that eventually she will ‘crash and burn’ when performing and added:

‘The adrenalin’s keeping me going, but I’ll probably crash and burn at some stage. I’m hoping that day won’t come until after I’ve been voted off the ice – but right now, I’m just really hyper. Everything is happening at once.

‘When the show inevitably comes to an end for me, I’ll be gutted to not be doing it any more.’

Porter got the highest score of the series so far, when they performed a routine to Alicia Keys’ ‘Falling’ on the Valentines Day themed episode.

After the performance, head judge Robin Cousins said:

It’s not only about seeing it, it’s about feeling it. You got better and the rest was breathtaking and beautiful!

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