Dancing On Ice 2013: Beth Tweddle nearly took off Dan Whiston’s testicles!

beth tweddle

Beth Tweddle almost damaged Dan Whiston’s manhood for life, he has revealed in a recent interview.

The Dancing On Ice professional was training with his new celebrity partner ahead of Saturday’s first live show when he revealed he very nearly lost his crown jewels as they practiced a tricky move.

Pros have previously had their legs cut, their faces slashed and their arms injured but no one has had a testicle injury as far as we’re aware, but Whiston almost became the first a few days ago.

The handsome skater explained:

“I nearly had a life changing accident with Beth.”

He told Now:

“We were both rehearsing a trick where she puts her skate right on my crown jewels – but in training her heel got caught right on them.


‘My life flashed in front of my eyes but luckily I escaped with both balls intact!’

Dan and Beth received mostly positive comments from the judges when they performed on Saturday and the only thing the panel really wanted Tweddle to improve on was her performing skills.

Whiston was on a bit of a high afterwards and thanked his fans for all their support tweeting:

“Thank you everybody for all your amazing messages of support and thank u for voting! X”

Beth added:

Dancing On Ice logo

“Had the most amazing time tonight skating with @TheDanWhiston hope ypu enjoyed it!”

“Massive thank you to everyone for voting for me and @TheDanWhiston had an amazing and looking forward to learning some new stuff!”

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