Dancing On Ice 2013 final: Matt Lapinskas scores perfect 40 for showcase routine!

matt lapinskas

Matt Lapinskas was a bundle of nerves when he took to the ice for the first time on tonight’s Dancing On Ice final and revealed that he was worried about skating with so many professionals.

The Eastenders star is sued to performing with his partner Brianne Delcourt but tonight he and the blonde beauty were joined by a whole host of other pros as they put on a showcase routine for the grand finale.

The danced and skated to Mr Pinstripe Suit and we have to say, we don’t think Matt had any reason for concern. he pulled off some huge lifts some speedy footwork and we think that for most of the time, it wasn’t obvious that he wasn’t one of the professionals. he kept up with the group incredibly well and even led it at times.

The judges scored the pair a perfect 40 and explained their marks saying:

matt lapinskas

Karen: It is so exciting to sit here and watch. You can only work with what you are given and with you Matt you gave so much.

Jason: Matty boy you are why I love the final, because we get somebody who has got the entire package but then brings it and smashes it. The biggest compliment I could pay to you is that I could not differentiate between you and the pros.

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