Dancing On Ice 2013: Have Sylvain Longchambon & Samia Ghadie split?

samia ghadie sylvain longchambon

Samia Ghadie and Sylvain Longchambon have only been together for the shortest time, but already it seems as though their romance could be on the rocks.

The pair apparently hooked up back in December, either just after or just before they both split from their individual partners when a romance developed between them during Dancing On Ice rehearsals.

The pair only went public with their relationship last week, after Samia was eliminated from the ITV show and just days ago OK magazine published a sexy photoshoot, showing the couple getting up close and personal with very little clothes on.

However, the hot romance may already be cooling off, as on Wednesday Samia and Sylvain were reportedly spotted having a very public heated argument.

samia ghadie sylvain longchambon

Ghadie was apparently incredibly angry with the French hunk and wasn’t hiding her feelings well, and an onlooker told The Sun that he tried to calm her by placing a hand on her arm as she ranted.

The stars had been attending the Dancing On Ice wrap party in London, when the trouble kicked off.

Neither one has referenced the event on Twitter but Ghadie didn’t sound overly positive when she posted saying:

“Some people seem to put others down or judge them to make themselves feel better, I don’t understand that mentality in this country #noneed.”


However, she felt a little better yesterday morning and revealed that she was heading out to a charity event, writing:

“Morning! Off to @ECheshHospice today to catch up n launch some exciting events.. #Specialpeoplespecialplace.”

We wonder if their love could be on the rocks already? We can’t imagine Jennifer Metcalfe would be too upset if it is!

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One Response to “Dancing On Ice 2013: Have Sylvain Longchambon & Samia Ghadie split?”

  1. kelli says:

    One argument (if they were indeed arguing) means that they have split? I don’t think so. We only have the Daily Mail’s opinion that they were arguing. She could have been upset over something else and using him as a sounding board. We all do it.

    I think their feelings for each other is a lot stronger than people seem to be giving them credit for and I don’t think one argument is going to derail their relationship.

    Time will tell if they are together and remain together. I hope they do last and shut up all the critics with their nasty comments.

    And also who said she was drunk? How do you know that she wasn’t drinking coke? If I go out, I will have a soft drinks throughtout the night and won’t drink alcohol for hours on end.