Dancing On Ice 2013: Jason Gardiner will never like Karen Barber! He loves Ashley Roberts though…

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Jason Gardiner has admitted that there is no chance of him ever finding common ground and making piece with Karen Barber.

The Dancing On Ice judge famously fell out with the ice skating champion two years ago, when they had a fiery altercation on a live episode of the ITV show, during which he belittled her in front of millions of viewers.

They were reunited on the panel for the 2013 and Karen has stated on a number of occasions that she has no desire to be friends with the Australian choreographer. It seems he feels the same and Gardiner revealed that they don’t speak, they don’t socialise and they probably never will.

He said: ”We tolerate each other and that’s probably as good as it’s going to get. We didn’t speak before this series started – the first time we saw each other was literally at the press conference. As you can imagine, it was quite awkward.”


Karen revealed during an interview on This Morning this month that she and Jason actively avoid each other when they aren’t on screen and Gardiner thinks they have worked out the best approach to their issues. He added:

”It’s best to just stay clear. There’s no desire from either party to hang out and be friends. We’re just not each other’s cup of tea.”

The frostiness between Jason and Karen is always obvious and yesterday, when they were both being interviewed by Kerry Katona his disregard for her and her unease in his presence couldn’t have been more clear.

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Gardiner does like the star producers chose to sit between them and he’s become quite fond of Dancing On Ice buffer Ashley Roberts of late.

The Pussycat Dolls star was a new addition to the panel for the latest series and Jason feels like he finally has a friend on the show, because she comes from a similar dance background as him.

He explained: ”I thought it was a stroke of genius to get Ashley [Roberts] on board. I’ve always felt like the lone voice in the dark trying to fly the flag for performance and choreography. Ashley and I look for the same things.”

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Jason only has one more week of sitting at the same desk as Karen and then it will all be over for another year. The series wraps this Sunday night when Matt Lapinskas, Beth Tweddle and Luke Campbell go head to head in the finale, when they will all perform twice before two are chosen to showcase their new Bolero routine, and a winner is chosen.

Who are you backing to win and are you Team Karen or Team Jason? Leave your comments below……

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3 Responses to “Dancing On Ice 2013: Jason Gardiner will never like Karen Barber! He loves Ashley Roberts though…”

  1. Dancing fan says:

    I’ve just read in the Daily Mail that Torville and Dean are desolate that the show may not go on next year because of low ratings. For goodness sake bring back Holly Willoughby with Philip Schofield as they have the best chemistry together. Christine Bleakley looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights every week. Good well known contestants then you’ll get the audience back

  2. John Walker says:

    Maybe the ratings are low because Jason Gardiner has returned with his nasty comments. He should be ditched if the show returns next year (but don’t bring back Louis Spence – he was a nightmare!).Ashley Roberts is a definite keeper along with Karen and Robin.
    Also choose a better headlining star. Had the producers not seen Pamela Anderson’s dire performance on America’s Dancing With The Stars?
    Anyway, Matt to win.

  3. stuart.spencer says:

    Jason Gardiner face when the result was delared was a picture on it own.Throughout the show he was backing the runner ups with comments to sway the public with their phone calls. my opinion is that a judge should be unbias as possible.