Dancing On Ice 2013: Matt Lapinskas was nearly left singing soprano after skate mishap & Samia Ghadie to attempt “headbanger” move this weekend!

matt lapinskas

The Dancing On Ice contestants are of course working hard on perfecting their routines for this weekend’s show, but during training with mentor Christopher Dean this week, former EastEnders star Matt Lapinskas suffered a near miss in the crown jewels department…

The drama occurred when Matt fell on the ice during training, and Chris “got his ice blade stuck in Matt’s crotch” after finding himself inexorably sliding towards Matt’s dangly bits.

When the nut cracker incident occurred, Matt’s pro-skate partner Brianne Delcourt looked on in horror, apparently fearing that her decision to have Matt do a handstand on the ice this week had turned out to be a very bad idea, since it was that he was rehearsing when he fell.

A show insider told TV Biz, “It could have been a very big lifestyle change for Matt but luckily it was just a close shave.”

Apropos of close shaves, Samia Ghadie is similarly risking life and limb by carrying out what’s been called the “headbanger” move during her routine this week with skating partner Sylvain Longchambon.

The tricksome move will see Sylvain spinning Samia around by holding onto her foot and, “on a tilted axis” her head will bounce very close to the ice.

samia ghadie sylvain longchambon

A show source said, “This move means you need ultimate trust – which is why Samia and Sylvain have been given the move to try first.

“Their partnership is the closest out of all this year’s couples.”

Here’s a reminder of Samia performing during last week’s Duel…

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