Dancing On Ice 2013: Pamela Anderson loves her sexy outfits, as does Gareth Thomas!


Fans of former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson will probably not drop dead of shock when they hear that Pammy just loves her sexy Dancing On Ice outfits, and has compared them to her own lingerie.

Speaking to The Sun, Pam said, “I’ve got nightgowns like this at home that I wander around my bedroom in!”

I imagine she probably has her friends over for pillow fights in those same outfits too…

However, housewife extraordinaire Anthea Turner would prefer the outfits to be somewhat less revealing and a good deal more chaste.

Not so though rugby player Gareth Thomas, who, like Pammy, is loving the lycra and sequins.

He said, “My teammates haven’t seen my sparkles yet but I’m waiting for texts tomorrow.gareth thomas

“I’m learning to embrace the sparkles.

“The wardrobe department showed me the available outfits and I thought, ‘You know what? That’s not really me’.

“But when you get into it you understand the whole performance is a show and the outifts become part of the skating. You get over it.

“Just because you play one sport it doesn’t mean you’ll be good at all sports.

“Rugby is all about hand-eye coordination with the ball. But this is all about your feet and standing on two tiny blades of metal.

“Yes, they are both sports but the connection stops there.”

Here’s a reminder of the show’s promo…

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