Dancing On Ice 2013 Results: Shayne Ward ‘devastated’ to be voted off!

shayne ward

Shayne Ward was almost in tears as he was voted off Dancing On Ice this evening.

The X Factor star achieved his highest mark of the series earlier in the evening, after performing a brilliant routine with his professional partner Maria Filippov. The evening saw the celebs challenged with the ‘Leveller’ task, which involved them having to skate alone for thirty seconds.

After weeks and weeks of criticising the hunk, even Jason Gardiner was blown away and told the singer:

“You take criticism very well and I love the fact that you tried to incorporate everything we tell you every week. Tonight you performed more, you were a cheeky chappy. Well done.”

However, Jason’s backing wasn’t enough to win Shayne votes and he found himself in the skate off withmatt Lapinskas regardless.

shayne ward 1

Three out of four judges voted to save the Eastenders star, and after it was revealed that he was going home, Ward said:

“I’m truly devastated. Anyone goes against Matt…he is always going to come out on top.”

To the rest of the celebrities he added:

“I just want to say thank you guys so much, you have been an amzing bunch.”

Shayne thanked his partner saying:

shayne ward

“To this lady here, she has been incredible.”

To Torvill and Dean he continued:

“Thank you you two as well.”

Did you agree with tonight’s results? Should Shayne have gone? Leave your comments below…

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9 Responses to “Dancing On Ice 2013 Results: Shayne Ward ‘devastated’ to be voted off!”

  1. pat says:

    I have just posted somewhere else about this but boy am I angry with the idiots who kept Joe Pasqualli in. This is meant to be an ice skating competion and he can clearly not ice skate. Shayne was utterly amazing on the ice tonight and it is a travesty that he has gone home. Joe should do the decent thing (Jon Simpson did it in Strictly) and bow out now.

  2. cathie says:

    i agree the skate off was shocking joe pasquali should have been out even last week.

  3. sharon says:

    soz but wont watch now. wrong one to go. Really disapointing. Keepin jo p is not a real competion

  4. Lyn says:

    After watching two of the best skaters end up in the bottom two this week, I won’t bother to watch this show anymore. Joe might be a nice bloke but without a doubt he is the worst skater. What ‘s the point in wasting time watching rubbish!

  5. Patti says:

    People who vote are pathetic, wat a load of rubbish, 2 skaters who performed amazingly are in bottom two, not watching anymore, rubbish jst rubbish

  6. XFF says:

    I agree, ridiculous bottom two. I’m not one to idly threaten to stop watching things (I’d never stick to it!) but, had Matt gone out, that might have been a bit of a deal breaker for me. Was kicking myself for not voting and will certainly be doing so next week. Being in the bottom two won X Factor for James, so I’m hoping this was just down to viewer complacency.

  7. Wendy says:

    This weeks skate off was a travesty , Matt (who was under marked anyway) is imo the best skater in the competition and Shane did so well this week – what are people thinking , the guys were so devastated it was heart braking to watch

  8. ani says:

    it should have been judged on the skate off dance whats the point of having it if one contestant can fall and still be kept in then they are picking and choosing the rules to suit whiich contestants are popular with the judges i liked both skaters but shayne ward did not fall it was not fairly judged what a shame badly done doi

  9. NATHAN J says:

    Dancing on Thin Ice. Just another farce of a show.
    Still keeping in Joe Pasquale who might entertain comedy wise but cannot skate to save his life and then Samia who could not skate hardly on her own buy voted in over Shane Ward who could skate on his own.

    Just like X factor with biased judges and no brained public voting. Get rid of it and the X Factor.
    A minority in UK are now fed up of seeing these farcical shows with celebs and no talent.
    We managed without it years ago and sure we can without it.
    There needs to be more shows for real talented public and not keep having it for Biased ego judges and celebs trying to re- ignite their careers, most for media attention.
    Half the time i believe the public vote is fixed as who votes for such crap.