Dancing On Ice 2013: Sylvain Longchambon has introduced Samia Ghadie to his parents!

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It’s been revealed today that the romance between Dancing On Ice pro-skater Sylvain Longchambon and Coronation Street star Samia Ghadie is moving on apace as he’s apparently introduced her to his parents!

They have of course only been dating for a matter of weeks – after Sylvain dumped his girlfriend Jennifer Metcalfe and Samia split from her former Corrie co-star lover Will Thorp – but the meeting between Samia and Sylvain’s parents was revealed on DOI.

The Daily Mirror reports, “As Samia and Sylvain left the ice with Luke Campbell and his dance partner following their skating duel, voiceover man (sorry mate, we don’t know your name) said: ‘They’ve both got things on their minds tonight. Samia’s meeting Sylvain’s French family, over for the evening, and Luke’s got to decide whether to go for gold in Rio or become a pro boxer.’”

However, Samia has of course been somewhat distracted this week as she’s suffering from a rib injury.

Of that, she said, “This week has been mainly about my ribs. I’m in really bad pain with them now.

“The more times we do the routine, the worse it gets. It’s hurting all the time.”

samia ghadie sylvain longchambon

But she added, “I’ll just dose myself up with pain killers and hope for the best!

“Sylvain has got the patience of a saint. If it was me, I would have given up on me by now, but he’s not given up.”

Well evidently her rib injury hasn’t affected her too much as she and Sylvain were saved last night and will of course therefore perform again next week.

Here’s a look at one of their performance in last night’s Duel…

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